Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend update

Just a quick post before I head out to the gym. cut! Yeah! Two inches off and very blond. I have a new stylist and colorist after ten years with my old ones. The previous stylist refused to cut my hair more than two inches. I finally made the brave move to someone new. If you're a guy, I know you don't understand how difficult this is to to do. If you're a woman, you probably get it. It's like breaking up with a girlfriend. Terribly difficult, and I even felt guilt ridden about it. Glad that's over!

Yesterday I made Roxie's recipe she recommended for Roasted Beet Dip. This is a little piece of heaven on earth. It came out to one Point per tablespoon. The second one was 2.5 Points, the third was 4.5 Points. It's because of the high fat content (oil, walnuts), the Points grew exponentially. Totally worth it though and very healthy. Delicious! I had two tablespoons on a cup of spaghetti squash with a few ounces of turkey. Loved it!

I cleaned out all my old makeup. Literally about a hundred plus items went into the trash. I'm not a hoarder of anything except makeup. I never use the old stuff, I just keep it as my "backups". I haven't once used any of my backups because I know they're germ infested old junk. I even got rid of a bunch of new makeup that I bought in the last six months but didn't like the color or the product. I love a clean, uncluttered look. Now my vanity table and my three shelves in the bathroom closet are clear and neat. Again, this was Roxie inspired.

Well, time for the gym. 4:45am. Have to hit the road running. Have a fabulous day, and in Ron's famous words, make healthy choices today!


Roxie said...

Let's see pics of the new hair! I feel you on the stylist guilt.

Glad you enjoyed the beets! Have a great are off to an early start.

Helen said...

I think what's worse than changing stylists is losing a stylist you love. I had one move far away and I swear I went into actual mourning. I agree with Roxie, let's have a new picture!

Forgettable said...

You are so right to compare it to breaking up with a girlfriend/boyfriend. I changed stylists last year and I still feel so incredibly uncomfortable when I run into her at the grocery store!

Rettakat said...

Yes, pics please! :-)

Debbie said...

I just got a hair cut myself and I used someone new. I love the cut, but she took such a long time.

M Pax said...

Oh yes, I wouldn't get my hair done when I was away because my stylist here would know I cheated on her. LOL That is hard.

My gal and I discuss my ideas, which I like. I'm growing my color out right now. Figure i might as well enjoy the natural color while it lasts.

Graciela said...

I love cleaning out all my bathroom drawers. I do it about once a year. It always amazes me the amount of crap we accumulate in our bathroom!

I got a short haircut about two week ago, and I don't think my husband likes it. Oh, well. Tough. I like it. It's much more comfortable and easy to take care of. As I always tell my hairdresser..."Don't worry about's just hair! It will grow back."

I'd like to see pictures of your new 'do.

The title of this post is a joke, there's no new me. It's just the same old me, doing the same old stuff. Just for fun, I went back...