Sunday, April 18, 2010

My weigh-in and my best weight loss advice

First the weigh-in:

Weight April 10:  168.8

Weight April 17:  164.8

Loss for the week:  -4.0

Total loss:  -74.6

I credit the success of last week to one thing:: NO ADDED SUGAR

It's been six weeks since I've eaten a Weight Watcher ice cream bar or anything with added sugar. Removing sugar from my diet has completely changed my life.

I know this won't work for everyone because:

a.) not everyone is addicted to sugar.

b.) for those people that are truly addicted to sugar, you might not be willing to give it up.

If you have a problem with binging and eating massive amounts of food at one sitting, if you love sweets, and candy, cookies, cake and ice cream are your trigger foods, then you probably have a problem with sugar.

If you want to become normal and live a life free of that insatiable desire for more sugar and more food, then I strongly suggest you start right now and ban added sugar from your life. It's in everything so it takes a little work to eliminate it from your diet, but it's not that difficult.

Start by reading the labels on everything. I was shocked by some of the places I found sugar hiding. Remember my frozen bell peppers that had corn syrup in them?! Weight Watchers products are some of the worst offenders for hiding added sugar in what they promote as a "healthy" snack. Read the ingredients on their snack bars. Several of their products list the first ingredient as sugar, sand the second ingredient as corn syrup.

For me, eating things with added sugar brings on strong, almost uncontrollable, insatiable cravings. Sometimes I had the willpower to fight it, most often I would cave in and eat the entire box of whatever it was I thought I could eat just one. There were times when I ate an entire two-pound box of See's chocolates, or a box of six Weight Watcher ice cream bars, or an entire cake in one sitting (yes, I did this). Even as little as six weeks ago I bought a package of six dark chocolate 100-calories bars at Trader Joes. I know better. I ate the entire box in my car before I even got home.

That's when I realized I had a problem. That's when my weight, on March 2, reached 181.2 pounds (from my low of 154 last summer). I was freaked out, depressed, and realized I was less that twenty pounds from the 200-pound mark. Fortunately, I realized drastic times required drastic measures.

I'd just finished reading The End of Overeating and Change Your Brain Change Your Life. Both books talk about sugar and how some people (not all) have problems with sugar. This also includes fructose, the sugar in fruits.

I recently read an article regarding fruit. Although it's really good for us, with necessary vitamins and minerals, too much of it isn't good for us. When eating five to seven fruits and vegetables a day, it really should be five to seven vegetables and fruits a day. We should be eating more vegetables than fruit (I was doing the opposite). I've gone from five fruits a day to two or three maximum.

I'm not sure which book recommended this, but it's old advice that I've recently incorporated into my daily life. My snacks are always a complete snack. For example, I try to never eat just a piece of fruit. I always add some protein. A few almonds, an ounce of turkey, a small piece of cheese, some Greek yogurt. Something to make me feel satisfied. Never just a carb, but always a carb and a protein.

My night time binges have practically stopped. Sometimes if it's late and I'm truly really hungry I'll have a Greek yogurt and a tangerine, or something similar. Usually around three Points. Then I floss and brush my teeth (again, which annoys me and usually will stop me in the first place). This has been recommended by many people, but now it's a habit for me. Once my teeth are clean, it puts up a red light in my head. No more food. I'm done for the day.

A word about artificial sweeteners
Yes, I eat artificial sweeteners. I've tried everything. Stevia, Agave syrup, Truvia, Xylitol, Splenda. I always come back to the Splenda. It has the fewest calories (zero) and the least offensive taste. I'd rather not eat it, but I can't eat things like Greek yogurt without some sort of sweetener. I can't afford the added calories of honey and maple syrup.

I figure at this point in my life, a few more chemicals in my body aren't really going to matter. Perhaps if I was twenty I could get more into the clean eating routine. Let's face it, I'm 54. I've probably eaten enough chemicals in my life to kill a laboratory full of lab mice. A little Splenda in my diet over the next 20 or so years I have left is probably not going to kill me. I usually only eat one packet, sometimes two, a day.

Sorry, no picture of my hair. I'm not liking it very much, and I'm going through a phase where I don't like how I look. Maybe it's because my hair is too blond, or maybe it's because I'm almost 55 and the wrinkles seem to be jumping out at me when I look in the mirror. Whatever it is, I'm sure it'll pass. I'm just not feeling photogenic and not in the mood to have my picture taken.

About my lack of posting
I can't believe I let a whole week go by and didn't post. I'm not sure what happened or why. I started several posts, but just didn't publish them. My goal this week is to post every day. Even a short post just to let every know I'm still alive and more determined than ever to get to goal (by my 55th birthday in 16 weeks!).


Jaynie Martin said...

Wow diana ... very interesting ive had all the above problems with sugar plus pmt cravings mood swings nightmare... im also currently the same as you not liking my hair and feel the wrinkles are jumping out every time i look in the mirror however i thought you were younger than me the big 50 looms in june for me :/ im extremely envious of your weight loss and hoping i can do the same very very soon xx im sure your hair looks good usually takes a while to get used to new colour and cut :)

Kyle Gershman said...

What a great week you've had! I'm so happy for are back and enthusiastic...I was really hoping you'd pull out of your prior funk and it sounds like you had...welcome back!

Deb said...

Man, I know you are right about the sugar. I am a sugar fiend. And it messes me up big time!

Graciela said...

I'm so happy to hear you are doing so well.

There is so much sugar in so called healthy snacks, I'm not sure how food manufacturers can get away with the "healthy" label.

I can totally relate to your "wrinkles" comment! I'd love to get a facelift, but it's a bit out of the budget right now. Actually, it's a LOT out of the budget. But the fact is, we should be proud of our wrinkles...we've earned every one! :-)

Carrieheff said...

I'm going to try to limit my sugar intake after I get back from vacation. I figure that if you can do it, I can surely try. You are such an inspiration to me. Thanks for writing!

Roxie said...

You sound great! So glad to hear it....have a great week.

Physicallee Fit said...

My Hero came up to me yesterday and told me that quitting sugar was harder than quitting cocaine. I asked him what his source was. He didn't know. I would think it would make a difference if you had a true sugar addiction.

Good job for cutting it out!

Anonymous said...

Missed you Diana and so glad you're doing well.. Keep up the good work.

Miz said...

ahh the hair thing. I need to comment about that as THATS whats keeping me where I am.
the meh I know versus the 'wait I cut it and now Im not sure I love it' that I dont :)

Helen said...

So nice to read your upbeat post. I'm always shocked at how much added sugar there is in stuff too. Probably I won't change your mind, but you certainly don't look 55 so I say celebrate that!

Debbie said...

I am shocked about how much sugar there is in everything. You have me reading labels. Great post...

M Pax said...

I'm glad to hear you're doing well and figured things out. That has to be a burden off your mind.

Keep it up! It's good to hear good news from you.

I hear ya on the wrinkles. I keep trying to get rid of the darkness under my eyes. Then I think the makeup looks worse. Siiiigh.

big_mummy said...

loved this post!! I have been sugar free since I emailed you last Thursday, almost a week, and I am amazed so far at how the cravings are peedling off into nothing already. Thankyou so much for opening my eyes xxx

bbubblyb said...

Yea, added sugar is definitely an issue for me. I try to limit it and thankfully fruits don't trigger me just added sugar. I'm so glad it's all going so well for you. You seem to be flying down the scale. Look forward to your daily posts. Your more sleep thing really hit me too, we are very similar.

Ron said...

You had a great week.... where u been the last 5 days ?

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