Saturday, April 10, 2010

Too many words tonight

Each time I go a few days without posting, my mind starts to overflow with topics I want to write about. The more days that pass, the more cluttered my mind. I start a debate with myself, what shall I write about?

1. Should I tell you about the miracle of living a sugar free diet? I know I've already talked about it, but it's so amazing I keep wanting to talk about it more. I feel like I've found the cure for my sickness

2. Or tell you how I went from hating exercise with a passion two years ago to loving it to the point where it's almost another obsession now?

3. Should I share the conversation I had with my husband this morning? The conversation where he basically where he actually said I was selfish since I've lost weight. I don't pay any attention to him now. He said I focus on myself too much. It's a long story, and it was an unpleasant conversation. I'm still a little angry about it, but I'm trying to let it go.

4. My bike ride into a strong headwind this morning. An extremely difficult ride going east, but clear sailing coming back home riding west. Sort of like losing weight, sometimes easy, sometimes so hard I think I'm going to die.

5. My Ambien blackout I had last night where I ate 1/4 of a loaf of Dave's Killer bread but didn't remember a thing (about 500 calories). This morning I wanted to make breakfast and found the empty bread bag. I asked my husband if he ate bread in the middle of the night and why couldn't he have left me just one slice. He said of course he didn't eat bread in the middle of the night (like I was insane). Plus there was a full glass of milk, untouched, on the counter next to the empty bread bag. I don't remember what happened. Scary!

6. My weigh in at Weight Watchers today where I lost 2.2 pounds, down to 168.8 (imagine if I hadn't eaten that bread last night!).

7. The guy at Weight Watchers that made goal today, after six freaking years. He was funny, said remember the Tommy Turtle and Brer Rabbit. Well, he was Tommy Turtle. Plus after investing $2200 in Weight Watchers he decided it was time to get to goal. Cracked me up!

8. The fact that I've only lost 11.6 pounds since January 9, 2010 (after a re-gain of 25 pounds last fall).

9. The weird fact that I'm hooked on that Parenthood show. I'm not a parent. The show comes on too late for me so I watch it on On Demand. So strange that I love this show. Go figure.

10. The miracle of sleep, right up there with a sugar-free diet.

11. I haven't been counting Points. Just eating super healthy, smaller meals, more often. I'm not hungry, no cravings (except I guess I had a bread craving while under the influence of Ambien last night).

It's freaking me out just a little that I don't dream or think about food every waking moment. This is a new experience for me. This week it's back to tracking every single Point, just because that's what I'm suppose to do.

Those were a few of the things I wanted to write about today. There were more, but this post is already too long. Too many words. Time for me to shut up. :)


Kelsey said...

A very busy post indeed! I really like the new layout, seems to suit you very well! I'm happy about your loss, sorry about the conversation with your husband, and laughing with you about the guy who finally met his goal after so long in weight watchers! I hope you have an excellent week coming up. =)

Tony The Pink Panda said...

Nothing wrong with being selfish when it comes to weight loss.

In fact, It's absolutely necessary!

Donna B said...

congrats on the loss! keep up the good work, you have super inspired me with the no-sugar changes in your diet and your success! Guess I will stay away from Ambien!

spunkysuzi said...

I love this post! You're keeping it real.
I know your going to have a great week this week!

Ron said...

So you don't have much to say again ? Congrats on the nice loss!

Ms. Emma said...

Wow, Diana, your before and after pics are amazing. And your blog is great. Very inspirational. I was thinking about joining Weight Watchers too. It seems to have really worked for you.

Forgettable said...

I'm new to blogging so I kind of feel the same way, trying to narrow down which topic out of a million that are whirling through my head. I would imagine that eventually I'll find myself without something to say.

I also want to say that I'm looking forward to following your journey--your before & after pics are such an inspiration! Congrats on your success thus far!

Carrieheff said...

I love Parenthood! It's such a great break from all this reality tv.

And, it's OK to be a little selfish. Being a people pleaser is probably what made you put on the weight in the first place. Next time you're husband says you are selfish tell him "Damn right. and for the first time in a long time I am healthy too."

Good for you for all the progress you are making! You are an inspiration to a lot of people!

Helen said...

Be selfish, especially when it comes to your health and fitness. I'm a turtle too but I know I'm going to get there eventually. I've heard of the Ambien thing but thanfully have never experienced it. Hopefully it doesn't happen often! Congrats on your progress downward, no matter how slow it is.

bbubblyb said...

I've never seen parenthood maybe I need to tune in and get a few pointers lol. Sorry about the conversation with hubby. Sorry about the conversation with hubby. It's not selfishness though just you taking care of yourself first. With that ambien it's scary stuff. We joke about my mom and her sleep baking. She woke up one morning to find a mess in the kitchen with all the fixings of a cake yet she couldn't find the cake. Finally located the raw cake in a pan in the microwave lol. She finally stop taking the stuff when she woke up to a pile of ashes in her microwave and actually the plastic thing under the glass plate melted. Not sure what's in that drug but goodness be careful. Way to go on the great lose and on the SF going so great. With the new haircut lady I soooo know what you mean. I've been with mine 21 yrs now. I do go somewhere else every now and then but still like my other lady best. Hope you have a great week.