Monday, May 10, 2010

I waited two months to see the WRONG doctor! Seriously?!

After taking a Valium, and getting myself all worked up about my thyroid biopsy, the doctor told me, "Whoops! Looks like someone made a mistake. You're not suppose to see me, you're suppose to see the doctor that does the biopsies down where they do the ultrasounds. So sorry you waited two months for me but I'm not the person you need to see."

I took the day off work, took a Valium that's still making me feel light headed and nauseous, got myself in a tizzy just by thinking about needles being stuck in my neck, and all for nothing.

My doctor screwed up. She made the appointment for me with the doctor that removes the thyroid nodules, the surgeon! They need to do a biopsy first, before anything is removed.The doctor that does the biopsies doesn't have an opening until Friday. I was very unhappy since I just wanted to get the whole thing over with. I kept my cool and only said, "no worries, mistakes happen". Inside I'm thinking, gosh you guys are idiots. Don't you go to school for something like eight freaking years to be a big, important, and hopefully smart doctor? Don't you even know what doctor I need to see?

Oh well, the worst part of my day was the Valium. I've taken it before, but it's been years. It gave me a headache, and I feel really sick to my stomach. I think when I actually have the biopsy done on Friday I'll skip the Valium.

At least I had a really good workout in this morning before going to the doctor. My eating is good, and now I'm just super tired and still nauseous. I had chicken and Brussels sprouts for dinner, with Fage 0% Greek yogurt and blueberries for dessert. I actually feel sort of sick now so I think I'll go to bed early. Maybe it's the Valium, or maybe the stress of the day, either way I feel lousy.

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes. I'm sure it won't be a big deal when it finally happens. On Friday.


tena said...

I'm sure the stress of the whole ordeal is what's making you feel so lousy. I hope the doctor you go to on Friday makes it all worth it. Get some rest and think good thoughts!

Deniz said...

Poor thing - that really wasn't what you needed!

Quite agree with what Tena said. Take care and hope all goes well for you on Friday.

Miz said...

xo xo

Hope youre waking this morning feeling a bit better.


karen@fitnessjourney said...

What an ordeal. I'm glad you have such a great attitude and are still eating right and working out. Best of luck.

Carrieheff said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you! Doctors are human and make mistakes but at least you kept your cool and didn't eat bad food to make yourself feel better. How did you stop that habit? I've been trying to do that for years! The smallest thing sends me to the refrigerator.
Anyway, get rest and I'll be thinking about you on Friday. Keep us posted.

M Pax said...

That is annoying. Hope it goes better on Friday.

bbubblyb said...

How crappy, sorry that had to happen to ya. Yea, you would surely think the doctor would know which doc you needed. sigh. Seems thats how things go sometimes. Hang in there.

Ms. Emma said...

Good luck with the biopsy. I will say a prayer for you that it all comes out okay.

Leslie said...

How'd I miss this post, because I was thinking of you with your biopsy and all! How frustrating and aggravating.

When I started on my thyroid journey, I had a nodule biopsied that turned out to be fine, and it was because I hadn't had a nuclear scan to determine which of my nodules were functioning. So after the first biopsy, I had to have a scan, then see the endocrinologist, and then have another biopsy of a different nodule. It was not conclusive, so 3 months later I had the last one that turned out fine.

But have you had a nuclear scan yet? Trust me, it's important, and while more damn time to have pass and make you nervous, it could save you an unnecessary biopsy, or having the wrong nodule biopsied.

Ron said...

Waiting to hear that things went well!!!