Saturday, May 22, 2010

A bad weighin but I deserved it

I gained 1.4 pounds this past week. My weighin was 164.0. A total loss of 75.2 in twenty-seven months. I've hit the 75-pounds lost milestone so many times, coming and going, that's it's meaningless now.

I'm still happy about the 75 pounds lost, but when am I going to lose the last 25 pounds? I should be there by now, at goal. Living my happy life.
I'm disappointed in myself. I didn't even try to stay on plan last week. The only thing I did right was exercise six days, an hour to an hour and a half each day. I didn't eat any junk or have any binges this past week, but I basically ate when I was hungry. It was healthy, nutritious food, no sugar, but I ate too much.

Unfortunately, I think it's my lot in life to be a little hungry a lot of the time. I can't eat every time I feel hungry, because I'm always a little hungry. It's just a fact of my life, and one I have to accept, hunger is and will be part of my life.

This week I'm going to try harder. The main thing I have to do is get back to tracking my Points (which I've done today!). I'm not sure why I quit, other than it's boring, and I sort of don't want to do it anymore. Really  it's not optional for me. I haven't figured out how to not count Points and lose weight.

Today at Weight Watchers our leader had each of us set a weight loss goal for five weeks from today. I wanted to make my goal ten pounds, but I know I can't consistently lose two pounds a week. Not at this point in the game. I've set my goal at eight pounds in five weeks, or 1.6 pounds per week. That would put me at 156 pounds by June 26. Sounds doable, right?

Great recipe
Tonight's dinner was Halibut with Balsamic Glaze. Very simple and easy and absolutely delicious. I love Alaskan halibut (wild caught of course). I didn't use honey in the recipe, but I substituted Agave instead, and only used one tablespoon. Since the marinade and glaze was just Balsamic vinegar and one tablespoon of Agave, I only counted the Points of the halibut (6 ounces cooked is 5 Points and so yummy).

Movie review:  Avatar
All I can say is that it wasn't nearly as horrible as I expected. In fact, I kind of enjoyed it. Definitely worth the $1.19 from Redbox. My first Redbox rental and so easy, since I'm horrible at ordering from Netflix (my husband is the Netflix pig) this is a nice alternative.


Ron said...

Same here, eating healhty but too much, it seems that I have made the switch to healthy food, now just need to work on that portion control

Roxie said...

I just started using Redbox about two weeks ago - love it. Who knew it was so easy to use.

Have a good week, Diana. I think your goal sounds doable and reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Eating healthy but too much is how I gained 40 lbs in 4 years. Too easy to do! You are smart to get a check on it now.

Stephanie said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, but I can relate to you! I have done WW so many times and I really know exactly the feelings your writing about. Try to find something new, a new recipe, something exciting. I have two blogs, a fitness blog and a cooking blog. The cooking one has over 75 WW recipes so if you need something new to try check it out! Good luck- you can do it!

big_mummy said...

hey you!! I HAVE MISSED YOU!! I think I have finally sorted my rss issues and now i am getting updates, I just caught up with a gazillion posts and phew.... you have had so much going on!!

How is the sugar free going?? I am finding it really limiting, literally everything has sugar in, its so depressing, eating bread, frozen veggies (like you found), cereal.. etc. ugh. I dont want to go back to how I was, but I feel like i need to stop being so strict with myself, I couldnt even buy a convienience sandwich the other day as all the shapers sandwiches had some sugar in the dressings etc. ugh ugh ugh.

anyway enough about me lol, just im so glad to have you back in my life ;)