Monday, June 28, 2010

Hello and goodbye Portland, Oregon

I was in Portland today, all day. Well, not actually Portland the city, more like Portland our offices near the airport. I was working with another developer to help get her to speed on a project I'm working on. Super sweet lady, with a EE Masters (Electrical Engineering). In other words, much smarter than me, and really nice.

It's always sort of awkward trying to teach someone something when I know they're light years more intelligent than me. It all worked out, and I have no doubt she'll quickly figure it out.

This really messed up my day since I didn't have time to get the gym this morning. I had to catch an early flight and working out before the flight wasn't possible. I was so drained afterwards that going to the gym wasn't really an option either.

I also didn't take a lunch and only had a twenty minute break, which meant I couldn't leave the office. I bought a tuna fish sandwich out of the lunchroom vending machine. It had an expiration date of today. It was disgusting with dried up tuna salad . I'd rather starve than eat it so it went right into the trash.

My coworker had some whole grain Goldfish graham crackers that she shared with me (delicious, taste like little cookies), which had 8 grams of sugar per serving. Along with a V-8 juice, that was my lunch. Not the healthiest thing I've ever eaten but it was better than nothing.

I'm just glad today is over and back to my regular schedule tomorrow. The whole airport experience and traveling, even a short distance, just exhausts me. Early to bed and tomorrow the gym and healthy eating.


Roxie said...

Here's to a normal routine on Tuesday, for the both of us.

Kyle Gershman said...

Ugg...I'm glad I'm out of the weekly travel of being a consultant. Then again, that is also why I took up running...for some portable options.

You had one tough was a no-win, though...those days happen too.

Miz said...

traveling like that is indeed BRUTAL.

welcome back.