Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yummy breakfast

I don't post for an entire week, then I post twice in one day. I may even post three times today because I want to do Kyle's Two Thumbs Up post today, or maybe tonight. I love his idea.

About my breakfast, this was absolutely delicious and low point. Since I ate at 11 a.m. I considered it sort of a brunch meal. It's 5.5 Points for a huge serving of yumminess.

Open-faced breakfast sandwich

1 egg
4 thin slices of Canadian bacon (only 1 Point - Costco brand), chopped
1 yellow bell pepper, chopped
1 cup red bell pepper, chopped
1/2 cup onion, chopped
3- 4 cups fresh spinach
2 wedges of light Laughing Cow cheese
Hot sauce, to taste
1 Sandwich Thin (I use Franz, more fiber, less calories, less weird ingredients and they taste better than Oroweat thins)

Spray a little Pam in a skillet, add veggies (except spinach) and Canadian bacon. I added a little water so it wouldn't burn. Cook until the veggies are soft. Add the spinach and maybe a little more water, cover with lid. Steam for a few more minutes until spinach is soft, then mix all ingredients.

You should have some liquid in the pan from the water you added and the spinach. Add the Laughing Cow cheese and a dash of hot sauce (I used Frank's hot sauce, used about 1 teaspoon). Mash the cheese and thoroughly mix in. I use a rubber spatula to squish the cheese. Let it cook until nice and bubbly.

Once the sauce has thickened (it only took a couple minutes) pour over an open faced sandwich thin. Cook the egg in the skillet. I just did an over easy egg with some Pam. Place the egg on top of your open faced sandwich. Enjoy.

This was super delicious, with lots of veggies, and it made a huge serving. You get a lot of protein, 24 grams, so it really has staying power. I love my protein.

I know the light Laughing Cow Cheese and the sandwich thins probably weren't in my grandmother's cupboards, so I consider it a little cheat to my "try to eat clean foods" policy. Totally worth it!

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Kyle Gershman said...

Now that is totally tasty!

I'm glad you like my "Who's Got Two Thumbs..." posting idea.

I look forward to it!