Sunday, July 11, 2010

Danger, Will Robinson!

“Danger, Will Robinson!” is a catch phrase from the 1960s’ American television series Lost in Space spoken by voice actor Dick Tufeld. The Robot, acting as a surrogate guardian, says this to young Will Robinson when the boy is unaware of an impending threat. In everyday use, the phrase warns someone that they are about to make a mistake or that they are overlooking something.

I'm not about to make a mistake, I already made it. I stepped on the scales this morning, the first time in three weeks. Talk about burying my head in the sand. I was sort of pretending if I didn't know how much I weighed then it must be okay. It's not okay. I weigh 168.2, up six pounds from three weeks ago.

My downfall has been fresh fruit. Yes, you can gain weight from eating too much fruit. I love fruit and had been limiting myself to two to three servings a day. Then summer came, with cherries (Vans and Rainiers), nectarines, raspberry pluots, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, and piel de sapo (like a honeydew melon but better) all came into season at the same time.

I've been like a kid in a candy store. I love them all and have been eating large amounts of fruit these last few weeks. I completely stopped counting Points. I was using the logic that since it's just fruit and it's only in season for a few months, I should eat as much as I want because it'll be out of season soon.

That line of thinking has led me to a six-pound gain. Even though my eating is healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken and fish, very little processed foods (I'm still eating Frantz whole wheat sandwich thins - I just can't give them up), I still gained weight. Basically, a calorie is a calorie, whether it's sugar cookies or a pound of cherries. Too many calories will lead to a weight gain. This isn't any big revelation, but it just amazes me the crazy logic I can use to allow myself to overindulge.

Today I'm back to counting Points and limiting my fruit intake. It brings a tear to my eye, but it's just the way it has to be. I can't eat with abandon, even if it is "just" fruit.

The exercise
I'm still going to the gym, doing one to one and a half hour workouts. I'm just not loving it too much these days. I'm doing it more because I have to than because I want to. I've added the treadmill back into my routine and have been doing a little bit of jogging along with 4mph walking. My knees have been holding up well and haven't hurt at all. I'm mainly doing it just to do something different. I'm bored.

Strength training is still my favorite part of working out. I sort of hate cardio and only do it because it's required. My cardio routine is a minimum of 35 minutes, yesterday it was 53 minutes of treadmill, elliptical and crosstrainer (I was really bored so did different cardio equipment for 15 to 20 minutes each). My StairMaster is still broken which makes me sad. I love it, but it's been broken for about six weeks. I suspect it's not repairable.

I completed the workout with a 45-minute strength training, lower body. Also not my favorite. Working out my quads, glutes, hamstrings hurts the most. Upper body workouts seem easier and more "fun". Again, I do it because I have to.

Biking outside has been put on hold for now. The temps here have been running in the high 80's and low 90's. Too hot for a bike ride.

The Lilith Fair
I suppose I should mention last weekend's trip to The Gorge at George. It was okay. The day was perfect, 80 degrees, sunshine. The scenery at the Gorge is beautiful. The music was good, especially Sheryl Crow, Sugarland and Sarah McLachlan.

Sitting on a 45-degree grassy knoll on a blanket with girls making out in front of us got kind of old after about six hours (we were there eight hours), not fun. Plus our blanket kept sliding down the hill. If I ever go again I'm taking stakes and pounding them into the corner of the blanket. About every hour we'd slide down a foot and have to pull the blanket back up.

The place was packed with hundreds of people. They weren't all lesbians, I'd say about 1/3 were straight women, 1/3 were lesbians, and 1/3 were guy/girl couples. It was interesting. :)

A beer was $9. I walked around and looked at all the food. It was typical fair food. Elephant ears, a Margarita line that was never less than 30 people in line, hamburgers, gyros, philly steak standwiches. Honestly, none of it appealed to me. We had a cooler full of healthy food and we each had one beer. I didn't feel deprived, nor was there really anything there I wanted to eat. One thing I noticed, almost every person I saw carrying around an elephant ear (deep-fried dough covered with sugwas ar and cinnamon), was very overweight. That alone made them less than desirable.

At about 9pm the sun went down and the wind started blowing. Even though I was wrapped in a blanket I thought I was going to freeze to death. It had gone from 80 degrees to proably about 55 degrees with wind. Not fun. We left in the middle of Sarah singing because it was so cold. Walking to our car about a mile away we could hear her beautiful singing. That woman has the most incredible voice.

Even though it was kind of fun, it was a long day. When we got to our hotel in the little town of Ephrata at 11pm and it was closed. The owner finally showed up at 11:30pm and gave us our key to the room, which turned out to be one of the nastiest hotels I've ever stayed in. In my youth I stayed in a lot of fleabag hotels during my travels. This one ranked right down there with the lowest of the low. It was old, dirty and I suspect that our room had been used as a meth lab at one time. Not exactly a romantic getaway.

Sorry this whole post is kind of a downer. On a more positive note I have a two-week vacation starting this Thursday and I'll be heading to Fairbanks (husband staying home). I'm really looking forward to seeing my sister and her family and my brother. My brother has a big adventure planned for me, taking out to the middle of no where on his new track vehicle he just bought. I just look at it as any day away from work is a good day. :)

The Gorge, general admission. The grass was nice, but too far from the stage.

The sky at The Gorge. I was fascinated by the sun because I had seen it for months in Western Washington. Of course, last week made up for it with temps in the 90's.

Me with the wind in my hair

Dry Falls (somewhere in Eastern Washington)

Jack and me at Grand Coulee Dam


Anonymous said...

I loved that you stated what the lesbian population was at Lillith fair - I would have guessed 50%!

Sorry you had to keep moving your blanket - that is a long day out there!

Ah, elephant ears, I was one of those walking around at 210 at the Iowa State Fair. I wondered how I got fat!

Have fun with your sister!

Ron said...

Nice Pics!