Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Women, Food and God - really?

At first I was all set to run out and buy this book. I buy almost every weight loss book that comes out, every strength training book, every new book on the latest health fad of the moment. I have book cases full of these books. I'm always looking for the magic pill.

I've been reading about this book, Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth. It sounded like something I should read. Maybe I could learn something.

Tonight I caught the last thirty minutes of Oprah's interview with Geneen. Sadly, I realized this book doesn't have the answers for me. I've already tried making peace with food. All the stuff they talked about in that thirty minutes, I've done it. Don't watch TV and eat. Eat in a calm, quiet place. Enjoy your food. Don't count calories. Don't weigh and measure your food. Trust yourself with food (gotta love this one).

It doesn't work for me. I've tried it all and seriously, all that happened was an ugly weight gain. None of this stuff is new. I've read the same theories in different books and magazines for years. It's just a regurgitation of the same old theories.

That's my book review on a book I haven't even read. I just watched an interview with the author.

Have you read it? What are your thoughts on this book? Did you watch the Oprah interview? Do you really think this can work for you?

Maybe there's more to this book than what I saw in a 30-minute interview. Maybe I'm missing something and it would be worth using that Borders gift card I won at Toastmasters. Still, I was a little put off by Oprah's revelations that this book held the answers we're all seek regarding weight loss, but sometimes, Oprah kind of annoys me.

Anyway, I'm really curious what other people thought about the interview and the book. Should I buy it?

4:15am - Tuesday
I thought about this post and this book several times last night (another bad night of sleep). I think Geneen Roth's theory might actually work for most people. Unfortunately, for me, when it comes to food there's something inside of me that irreparably broken. My off switch doesn't seem to work.

The part of my brain that should tell me when I've eaten enough food to keep my body functioning at peak condition simply doesn't work. Maybe it's from years of dieting and deprivation. Binging and purging. Whatever the cause, I don't think I can easily fix it by just wishing it worked. I have to be very consciously aware of what I eat and how much or I will gain weight. Years of experience has proven this to be true.

I wish it was that easy that I could just believe in myself and trust myself to eat the correct amount of food and eat what I want when I want it. Then magically all would be well in my world. Unfortunately, for me, it just doesn't work that way for me. I'm okay with it, the counting and measuring, the vigilance about what I eat. I'd rather do this than go back to what I was before, 100 pounds overweight.

Maybe it'll work for you, maybe it won't. Regardless, there's something that works for everyone, you just have to figure it out.


Roxie said...

I'm leaning towards reading it, but probably from the library - which isn't a commentary on the book, just that I don't like to accumulate stuff.

Parts of it rang very true for me - my using food as a coping mechanism, as a way to self-soothe make my issues with food NOT about the food at all. I would certainly not like to struggle with my food obsession any more, so I know that whatever is going on with me goes deeper than just food. What that is, I don't know. I think it's probably more than just those steps you mentioned, it's if we can get the feeling, the reverence that's behind the steps right that is really the important thing. It's dealing with not the nuts and bolts of what to eat and how to eat, but how we view ourselves that is really the issue. I think it's hard to verbalize and quantify that theory into bullet points. People want a handout, a takeaway - some rules to follow - and what Roth is talking about is far different, I think. Perhaps, I've just talked myself into buying the book! Ha. So here's yet another review of a book that I haven't read either. You want opinions? I got 'em.

Have a wonderful day, Diana.

Carrieheff said...

I actually bought this book and planned on starting it today. I (like you) have shelves of weight loss books, many of which I have never read. I've decided to give this one a change. You never know, one sentence of the entire book can change the way I think about food.
I think it's like diets, you need to find the right book (diet, plan etc) that works for you. Just because it worked for Oprah doesn't mean it will work for you. I will write about it when I'm done and let you know how it worked and if I got anything from the book at all. I'm really hoping I do.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. I haven't read the book but saw the interview on Oprah and pretty much agree with you on that. Just wanted to comment about something that has helped me in my weight loss journey after reading how you are feeling. Won't go into details but I have struggled greatly with weight issues. Considered myself a lost cause in that area. The claiming of this scripture has absolutly changed my life in the area of food..."I can do everything God askes me to with the help of Christ who gives me the strength and power." Philippians 4:13 I firmly believe it is His will that I take care of my body and this scripture to me was a personal promise from Him. SO for the first time in my life I really believed I could lose the weight with His power because I knew I would fail with my own very limited will power. Having faith in this promise has turned things around for me! Any way, if this is within your belief system...maybe it will be of some help to you in your journey,,,Keep up your good work!!

JD said...

I read your blog entry today and found myself nodding my head in agreement with everything you wrote. Like yourself, my 'off switch' is continually faulty, bordering on broken many many times in the past (which is why I gained so much weight in the first place). My body doesn't know when it's had enough or is 'satisfied.' My body bizarrely thinks and beieves that 'satisfied' is akin to not being able to eat one more spoonful, bordering on exploding (almost as bad as that Monty Python/'The Meaning of Life' sketch).

That's why, for me, counting points, measuring food portions out on the scale, and tracking are the only things that have ever worked for me, and have been the only way that I was able to lose 75 pounds. And only on the 'Full Count' programme, as opposed to the 'No Count' or 'Core' programme. To tell me that I can eat vast quantities of certain foods that are on a list translates to my brain as 'stuff your face with that free food until you can't eat any more!' - not good. That's why portion control works for me.

I'm sure Geneen Roth's plan works for millions of people, and that she's sincere and genuine and all that. But for me, I know it wouldn't be the answer. Thanks for being brave in voicing your honest opinion.

Your blog is a continual motivation and inspiration for me - thanks for sharing your thoughts, your opinions, your feelings, your struggles as well as your wonderful triumphs and successes.

Anonymous said...

Diana: I am about 1/3 of the way through the book. I did not see the Oprah interview with Geneen.

What rang true for me in this book was how it isn't about food, it's about not being able to sit with myself in the moment, be present for myself.

This week I have struggled with overeating and it was always when I wasn't truly hungry, just agitating about something and wanted food to make the agitation go away.

I still plan to count my calories and look at the types of food and the amounts I do eat when I am hungry.

And, I will continue digging deeper to see what the agitation is all about. J

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