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READ ME (only if you want)

I had a ton of things I wanted to blog about today, weight loss and exercise stuff, but that can all wait.

I came across an email today. It was from a co-worker on another team. He's someone I've worked with, and someone I respect. He has a unique sense of humor that makes even difficult IT situations funny. He's often referred to as a really nice guy.

His email was dated March 2009, and the subject was: "That which blindsides you at 4 PM on some random Tuesday". It was a thank you email to the IT division for all their caring emails and cards. He wrote that he'd said goodbye to his Alicia. I vaguely remember this incident from last year. His 12-year daughter, Alicia, was accidentally shot and killed while visiting her grandparents.

I realized I'd never read anything about this little girl. I did a search online and found her obituary. She loved reading and loved to write. They posted the following essay written by Alicia. I'm taking the liberty of …

It turns out I can do anything for 20 minutes

I just got into the office, a little later than I would have liked (it's noon), but I decided to go to the gym before work instead of after work. I only plan on working about five hours this afternoon, and then have a little down time at home tonight.

I thought it might also be nice if I posted when I was actually feeling a little happy and hopeful instead of so sad. I'm even getting bored with my "woe is me" attitude. It's just work, not the end of the world. :)

I took your advice and did interval cardio this morning. Well, at least my version of intervals. I worked out on three cardio machines, 20 minutes each. It did cost me an extra ten minutes to get in an hour of cardio since I wipe down the machines before and after I use them, but it was well worth it.

On each machine, the cross ramp, elliptical, and stationary bike, I did interval speeds of high resistance and as fast as I could go for one minute, then recover for a minute, then back to fast and hard fo…

It wasn't really that funny

My manager drew this on the white board in my cubicle yesterday. She was trying to make me laugh. It didn't really work. Because the picture on the left is definitely me, including the dark circles under my eyes. We have a software release on 10/12, with a code complete date of 9/3. Pretty much anything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.

61 hours. That's how many hours I've worked in the last seven days. That includes last Sunday and today. Three days left the office at 8pm, 11-hour days with no lunch.

A weird thing happens when I work too much and don't get enough sleep. I cry. Deep, sad, weeping. For no apparent reason. That was what happened yesterday when I was driving home at 8pm. I was crying so hard I could hardly see to drive. Why? I have no explanation other than complete exhaustion.  It's just a deep sadness that overwhelms me. After ten-hours of sleep I'm usually like a new person. This morning, not so much.

Even though I had a really productive…

Day 4 and 11, 340 days to go...

Yikes, I missed posting on Thursday! However, it's 1:12 a.m. Friday morning, and I haven't been to bed yet. So it's sort of still Thursday night as far as I'm concerned.

I had a really fun night out with my best girlfriend. We went to dinner and a movie, which was a lot of fun.

Dinner was at Joey's at Southcenter, a place where the wait staff all look like young, beautiful models. No one is overweight or unattractive. It's kind of weird and a little disconcerting. They don't look like real people, kind of like Stepford-people. If you've ever been there, you know what I mean.

I had Panang Curry Prawn Bowl with organic brown rice (no peanuts because I'm allergic). It was one of the lowest calorie items on the menu, but it was still was 680 calories and 24 grams of fat! I'd eaten lightly all day so I think I'll be okay. It was delicious, but that's a lot of calories and fat for one meal.

We saw The Switch, a really fun movie. It's a …

Not as good as day one (128 days left!)

Part of my December 31, 2010 challenge (besides the obvious - lose weight) to post on a more regular basis.

Therefore, even though I had a hell of day at work, even though I worked eleven hours again, and even though I'm past the point of exhaustion, here I am. Another short post without any inspiring words.

Absolutely no exercise today, although my eating was great. I'm actually too busy and too stressed to give much thought to food. I'm eating, but at work I usually eat my lunch. I've brought home most of my snacks every day this week.

When I left my office at eight tonight, I had really good intentions to stop at the gym on my way. I talked myself out of it before I got there. I'm was too exhausted. Plus, I really hate evening workouts. The free weights areas (we have two at my gym), are packed at night with guys hoisting 50-pound dumbbells (show offs!). I don't really mind all that testerone, but it's much quieter in the early mornings. It's …

Day 1 of the challenge

A very quick post tonight because I'm beyond exhausted. After an 11-hour work day, tonight I went to the gym for a an hour after work. It's was the hardest thing I've ever done. I really wanted to go home, sit quietly and curl up in a ball. Work is killing me lately.

I had walked at lunch, very briskly, for 45 minutes. I had a whole list of why I should skip the gym. Then I thought about the challenge and it's only day one. I couldn't blow on day one! I mean, who does something like that?!

The only reason I forced myself to hit the gym because it's day one of Tony's challenge. I couldn't let myself down.

Challenge goal for December 31, 2010 (approximately 18 weeks from today):

Weight - 155
That means I must lose 21 pounds in 18 weeks.

I'm also going to start increasing my exercise by doubling my cardio. That's right, double it! I've been doing 30 minutes of cardio and 40 minutes strength most days. I'm going to start increasing cardio by…

December 31, 2010...where will you be?

It's not that long until December 31, 2010. A ittle over four months. What you can you accomplish in four short months? Where will you be on that day? Who will you be with? What will you be thinking?

You can throw away these four months if that's what you want. But...on December 31, 2010, you'll be filled with regrets. You'll be wondering why? Why didn't you eat better and exercise more? Why didn't you just try harder?

I'm starting Tony's Weight Loss Challenge. It's not really a contest with other people, but a challenge to yourself to really give it 100% of your effort to get to a healthier weight by December 31.

This is just the kick I needed. I'll post my progress here each Monday to let your know how I'm doing.

Tomorrow is  my new day one. I'm planning on the gym in the morning nad a walk at lunch. I haven't been both of those activities on the same for seal

I also plan on breaking my bad habit of packing a gigantic lunch for wo…

Why I haven't been posting very often

My posts have been few and far between these days. Last week I only posted once. That usually means something bad in the blog world. If that's what you're thinking, you're right.

I'm kind of in a funk lately. Not exactly depressed, but not my usual happy self. I'm finding it harder and harder to even fake happiness, and usually I'm pretty good at faking happy. In fact, I'm so good at it I can usually talk myself out of a bad mood just by pretending to be happy. Lately though, it's just not that easy.

I wonder if maybe this is depression and what if I feel like this forever. Is that what people feel like when they're clinically depressed and seek out psychiatric help and antidepressants? Okay, maybe I'm not that sad, I'm just kind of sad. I'm not happy where I am at this point of my life, on many levels, but I'm not quite ready for nut house.

I'm reading all your blogs, but I'm not commenting. No particular reason, just that I…

Lakes, mountains and mosquitoes

Seattle broke a record on Saturday, 95 degrees! Fortunately we were up near Mt. Rainier where the it was comfortable, low 70's.

Unfortunately the mosquitoes and flies loved the heat and were out in full force while we were hiking. I've never seen anything like it, and I'm from Alaska where the mosquito is called the state bird.

We started off the hike at the Mowich Lake trailhead and our goal was Tolmie Peak Lookout, a fire lookout. Round-trip was only 6.5 miles and it was rated moderate. Moderate is never what I would expect it to be (somewhat easy), it's always a lot harder.

The views were breathtaking, but when we got to Lake Eunice the mosquitoes ruined my good time. There were literally thousands of the little blood-sucking beasts. Of all the times I've hiked up near Mt. Rainier I've never been bothered by mosquitoes, yet I always carried insect repellent. In my infinite wisdom yesterday I decided to lightened my 20-pound backpack and take out the repelle…

Free National Parks Weekend

Did you know this weekend is free admission to all National Parks? We're heading out to Mt. Rainier this morning and a hike around Mowich Lake. It's a  little over an hour's drive to get there. I'm so excited! I love going to the mountains.

Last weekend was a bust because it rained hard all weekend, we (I) decided not to hike in the rain. I've done it but it's just not very fun even with rain gear. I'm really a fair weather hiker.

I'm hoping it's a little cooler in the park since the weather forecast for most of Western Washington is sunny and in the 90's (even Mt. Rainier at the lower altitudes is forecasting 90 degrees!). We don't see that kind of weather very often.

Happy Saturday!

Why the f--- not?

Yesterday when I was driving home I pulled up next to an older Jeep Cherokee at a stoplight. The back side and rear windows had several smiley face stickers. In small letters on the side window were the words:
"Why the f--- not?"
The f- word wasn't spelled out, it was just "f---". It's embarrassing to admit this, but I didn't know what it meant. I actually said to myself, Why the what not? Why not what? What are they talking about?

I'd had a bad day at work, and I had been feeling overwhelmed, stressed and just generally not in a happy mood. As I stared at the words, it finally clicked, and I started giggling, then laughing, and then thinking that was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. "Why the f---- not smile?" I wanted to thank the driver for making me laugh, it was one of those 'I needed that!' moments.
Back on the wagon
I've finally returned to sani…

It's never too late to start over

Birthday Flowers
This morning I weighed 175 pounds. I've finally decided the only way I'm going to get back to losing weight is to pretend like every day is the very first day I'm on Weight Watchers.

If you've ever done Weight Watchers, you know how exciting and "almost" fun it is at the beginning. You have a set of rules to follow, and you try to follow them exactly. You're rewarded week after week with nice, healthy losses.

Then one day, after, oh, let's say two and half years, you kind of get tired of it all. The weighing and measuring, the tracking, and all the other tedious things that are part of the Weight Watcher plan.

The compliments stop because you've been at the same weight for months, or maybe you've even gained ten or twenty pounds. No one cares or seems to notice that you're still trying to lose weight, but you're struggling. You've lost your momentum.

You've stop measuring your portions, so four ounces of chic…

It's official, I can get the senior discount at IHOP now...or 55 and still alive!

Today is my birthday, and I am now 55 years old. In some circles I qualify for the senior citizen discount. If you Google "is 55 a senior citizen?", this is the most popular answer (and one I personally like):

Depends on who's asking. many businesses have set 55 as the age to qualify for a senior citizens discount. This does not mean that one is actually "over the hill" so to speak but is a marketing gimmick to draw the business of baby boomers. The official age of a senior citizen of the United States is 65.

I started to write a list of my accomplishments, but it's a pretty short list and I don't really feel like tooting my own horn today (not that there's much to toot about). The only one that's important to me anyway is my weight loss. Sadly, I'm not at goal today which was what I set out to do in January.

This morning I was at 174.2 pounds (down from the 176.6 on Monday). Not great, but it could be worse (it could always be worse). I hav…

Diana's Weight Gain Journey

I was thinking about renaming my blog today, to Diana's Weight Gain Journey. I wondered if anyone would even notice. Since all I'm doing lately is gaining weight it seems like an appropriate name.

It's all Geneen's fault, her stupid idea of eat what you want when you want it Ha! What a preposterous idea. Seriously, it's my own fault. I didn't read past chapter 10, that's where she tells you what to do to lose weight. I purposely didn't read that far because I kind of liked the idea of eating what I wanted.

I went on vacation and stayed with my sister for nine days, in a house full of treats for the grandkids, cookies, candy, and lots of ice cream. She doesn't have a sweet tooth and doesn't touch the stuff herself. Me, well, that's a different story. It triggered something in me that continued after I got home. Add in the stress of going back to work after being off for sixteen days and you have the recipe for a big, fat gain of 10 pounds.