Monday, August 23, 2010

December 31, 2010...where will you be?

It's not that long until December 31, 2010. A ittle over four months. What you can you accomplish in four short months? Where will you be on that day? Who will you be with? What will you be thinking?

You can throw away these four months if that's what you want. But...on December 31, 2010, you'll be filled with regrets. You'll be wondering why? Why didn't you eat better and exercise more? Why didn't you just try harder?

I'm starting Tony's Weight Loss Challenge. It's not really a contest with other people, but a challenge to yourself to really give it 100% of your effort to get to a healthier weight by December 31.

This is just the kick I needed. I'll post my progress here each Monday to let your know how I'm doing.

Tomorrow is  my new day one. I'm planning on the gym in the morning nad a walk at lunch. I haven't been both of those activities on the same for seal

I also plan on breaking my bad habit of packing a gigantic lunch for work. It's all Point friendly food, but I'm eating too much.  From now on, I only pack what I can act

Where will you be on Decmeber 31. Hating yourself or patting yourself on the back for a job well-done. I hope you're there with me ceebraing!


Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Whoa, New Year's is right around the corner. Thanks for the reminder. I've had a slow decent to about 30 pounds down since last January. I'd like to hit 50 by New Year's Day.

Ron said...

I too, hope to be at a much healthier weight by then. Been eating better food choices for two weeks, at least 3 pounds down in two weeks... gotta keep it up!!!

seattlerunnergirl said...

I'm doing this too, Diana!

Hey, can you tell me which trailhead you started at for your hike at Mount Rainier recently? My hubs and I want to go hike this weekend or next and the photos you posted were beautiful, so I thought that might be a good place for us to try.

M Pax said...

I will keep on. I hope screaming with joy, but we'll see. :)