Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free National Parks Weekend

Did you know this weekend is free admission to all National Parks? We're heading out to Mt. Rainier this morning and a hike around Mowich Lake. It's a  little over an hour's drive to get there. I'm so excited! I love going to the mountains.

Last weekend was a bust because it rained hard all weekend, we (I) decided not to hike in the rain. I've done it but it's just not very fun even with rain gear. I'm really a fair weather hiker.

I'm hoping it's a little cooler in the park since the weather forecast for most of Western Washington is sunny and in the 90's (even Mt. Rainier at the lower altitudes is forecasting 90 degrees!). We don't see that kind of weather very often.

Happy Saturday!


Baby Stepping said...

Our summer has been very warm this year, too. I hope you have a great hike! We're doing a 5k tonight at 9:00.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Great tip! We went to Yellowstone and Grand Teton on our vacation this year and we want to do Glacier someday, too. The National Parks are a treasure.

Ida said...

Dang, if I'd realized that, I would have gone to a National Park this weekend, instead, i visited my folks in Texas. :)

Ron said...

Hope you had a great hike! It's been 95-100 here with the humidity about as high for a week now!!!uggg... but so much better than winter and snow!