Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's official, I can get the senior discount at IHOP now...or 55 and still alive!

Today is my birthday, and I am now 55 years old. In some circles I qualify for the senior citizen discount. If you Google "is 55 a senior citizen?", this is the most popular answer (and one I personally like):

Depends on who's asking. many businesses have set 55 as the age to qualify for a senior citizens discount. This does not mean that one is actually "over the hill" so to speak but is a marketing gimmick to draw the business of baby boomers. The official age of a senior citizen of the United States is 65.

I started to write a list of my accomplishments, but it's a pretty short list and I don't really feel like tooting my own horn today (not that there's much to toot about). The only one that's important to me anyway is my weight loss. Sadly, I'm not at goal today which was what I set out to do in January.

This morning I was at 174.2 pounds (down from the 176.6 on Monday). Not great, but it could be worse (it could always be worse). I have reined in my eating somewhat, but not to the level I need to lose weight quickly. Also, because of various reasons (excuses), I only made it to the gym four times last week.

I saw a show on TLC last night, "How I Lost 100 Pounds", which is exactly how much I need to lose. It was somewhat inspirational. They told the story of five people and how they all lost a significant amount of weight (including two with surgery--learned a lot about Lap Band--definitely not for me).

The first couple lost their weight through Weight Watchers, although they never said "Weight Watchers" they did say they were using a Point system that counts calories, fat and fiber. Plus I saw a Weight Watchers food scale they were using (just like the one I own).

The husband lost over 200 pounds and the wife lost 90 pounds. They reminded me of how I was in the beginning, three years ago, maybe even two years or a year ago, still very gung-ho on the weight loss path. They were diligent about weighing and measuring their food, exercising consistently, and have made it a "life change".

I remember the excitement of losing weight, of nearing goal. Then I stagnated for some reason that I've yet to figure out. Boredom? Just plain exhaustion from the constant vigilance it requires? The hard work? Fear of reaching goal?

That last one is just plain stupid. I have no fear of reaching goal, even though it might appear that way since I keep sabotaging myself. I don't harbor any unrealistic fantasies about reaching goal and living happily ever after.

I've been near goal several times in the last year, hitting 151 a few times (goal is 135). It didn't make life all that much sweeter, I just felt better and my clothes fit better. I still had to go to work every day, I still struggled with food, I still had fight arguments with my  husband over stupid stuff, I still had to exercise. Life was still hard, just not as hard as it was at 240 pounds.

Funny, I don't really know where I'm going with this post. I guess I have no point to make. Just that it's my birthday, I'm older than dirt, and I'm still struggling with my weight. At least, for today, I get to do something I love, hiking at Mt. Rainier.

With that final note, I have to get ready, pack our rain gear (darn Pacific Northwest weather), a little food (all healthy stuff), and get the heck out of Dodge (Federal Way, WA)!

Have a great weekend!


Kyle Gershman said...

Well Happy Birthday D! I know it doesn't seem like much cause for celebration and in fact I never liked birthdays either. But this upcoming B-day one week away was supposed to be my 42nd, but I'm considering starting over...having it be my 1st birthday.

Perhaps it makes sense...this past year has been the first year I've truly both felt alive and had a true zest for its a brand new year for me.

You've been well on your way to your first'll get there and next year we'll celebrate your 1st birthday too.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Diana, happy birthday!!! Too bad the farmer's market won't give you a discount, just the (insert chain restaurant here)s of the world.

This blog would go on your list of accomplishments, I hope. You have helped so many people!

Ron said...

Happy Birhtday Diana, we are going to get to our goal weights... its not a race tho!!!! but we will get there.

ShellyD said...

Happy Birthday!!

seattlerunnergirl said...

Happy birthday! I don't comment often but I read always. And it occurs to me today, as it has often, that perhaps the thing keeping you from reaching your weight loss goal is that you don't love yourself yet. Like, right now, as you are. I may be off-base (and I hope I am), but perhaps you could add one more goal to your goals of sticking to your points, working out, and losing weight. That of actively loving yourself (or working towards that) every day. I fear that if you can't/don't love yourself now, reaching goal will feel empty after the momentary flash of joy it will bring you. You are worth of love and kindness from yourself and everyone else JUST AS YOU ARE, Diana. I hope you feel that.

*stepping off my soapbox*

Enjoy your hike at Rainier!!

Carrieheff said...

Happy Birthday!

You didn't "only" work out four times this past week. You worked out FOUR times this past week- SO AWESOME! Four times is great! Never think you've done a poor job with four work outs! My goal is four a week. If I told you I worked out 4 times would you say to me "Gee, only 4? Why bother? That's not nearly enough" You would never say that to me but yet it's ok for you to say it to yourself. You have done so much and inspire so many people. I wish in this upcoming year that you will realize how great you actually are!

Greek Girl from Queens said...

Happy Birthday, Diana! Well done on your very special day and all that you've achieved. You've done amazing, brilliant things so far, so keep on keepin' on! Well done, you!

Natalia said...

Happy birthday, Diana! You look so young, I'd never have guessed you were 55. You're still doing great with weight loss, keep it up!

Miz said...

LATE TO THE BIRTHDAY PARTY----but wishing you a happpppy belated as well.

and yeah

I was shocked youre 55, Diana.
you look and seem so much younger--in a great vibrant way.

xo xo


Gossip Boi said...

I agree with Miz, you look so much younger than 55 Diana. Happy Birthday :).

big_mummy said...

I concur, there is some dirt out there that is at least 56 xxx

Sherre said...

Happy birthday from another often-reader, seldom-commenter. I'll be joining you in the 55 club later this year (1955 was a VERY good year). Unfortunately I do think there is something to the fear of reaching goal which is just one thing I'm trying to uncover as I deal with the mental aspects of this journey. Hope the birthday hike was great (I think I'll plan a birthday hike in November - terrific idea).