Monday morning...back to the salt mine

Note:  I'm working today not really because I have to, it actually is a holiday at my company. Technically I do have the day off. However, today is my code complete date for a project I've been working know, the one I've been complaining about so much lately. Alpha testing starts tomorrow with all our testers. I'm just doing some final  unit testing, hoping to get it as bug free as possible. I should have come in Saturday or Sunday instead, but I was too lazy. :)

It's 7am, and I'm in the office today. Alone. It's so quiet, peaceful. I almost wish it was like this every day. I work in a cubicle, with about sixty other people on my floor. We're the epitome of the movie Office Space.

Want to see...

That's my "I don't care what I look like" hair. I'm also wearing workout clothes so I can go the gym later. I'm going to the Bally's in Kent. I've never been there before, but it's about an 11-minute drive. It'll be a nice break to get out of the office for a while during what I think is going to be a grueling day.

Here's what the floor looks like when no one is here:

Here's the view outside the window. There's a tree already turning to it's fall colors. Fall is definitely in the air this morning. Cold. Cloudy. Rainy. Typical Seattle winter weather.

Well, it's to work I go. I hope the rest of the world is enjoying the holiday. Funny, Labor Day, and I'll be laboring away!


What a coincidence! I worked in a salt mine while I was in college...
Sorry you don't have the day off like the rest of us slackers! Jo
bbubblyb said…
Yea, that stinks you have to work today. Hope you enjoy the new gym though. I think you look wonderful today, love the hair.
Heather said…
Poor thing! what kind of job do you have that you have to work on labor day? Sad times!
Allan said…
Awesome picture...I like the I don't care hair..
Just Me said…
I'm close to you in the rainy weather ... Vancouver. Enjoy your time at Bally's.
M Pax said…
I like your hair like that. We're sunny and dry - typical Central Oregon weather. Not hot though. Pleasant, I'd say.
Rettakat said…
I was thinking the same thing... your hair looks adorable like that! So curvy and spunky and carefree. I really like it. Not just being nice, I REALLY like it!
MizFit said…
LOVE the photo and your hair as well.
and I tend to live like you and end up LABORING AWAY on the day of laborfreeness.

does that mean we get a free day whenever we choose it?
later on this month?!
Ida said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ida said…
I used to do that, work when everyone else had the day off. I was more productive then than when everyone was around. All it got me was fired *sigh*
Oh, this isn't about me. Good job, Diana. I love your "I don't care what I look like" hair. Maybe you shouldn't care more often...

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