Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random Thoughts Wednesday

I've seen other people do this, post their random thoughts. Since my head is constantly full of random thoughts, I thought it would be fun (well, fun for me at least), to jot down some of those thoughts.

1. I can't buy a package of vanilla and strawberry Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and eat just one. I ate six last Sunday night. 840 calories. name is Diana, and I am a food addict. By the way, have you ever seen a "skinny" cow?

2. Fitness magazine claims working out can make you hungry, which in turn can make you fat. Really? I already knew that, but exercise isn't optional. Their suggestion is to eat more whole foods, a balance of carbs and proteins, with healthy fats and fiber. Not exactly newsworthy, and I paid $3.50 for the magazine.

3. That $3.50 did buy me some other advice that I've known for years but have chosen to ignore. Until yesterday. The experts say you should eat something small before a workout. That you shouldn't workout on an empty stomach. I actually ate a small piece of fruit BEFORE I worked out yesterday. It did wonders for my workout. I had tons of energy. Or was that just my mind playing tricks on me? The jury is still out.

4. I worked out twice yesterday. Cardio in the morning and weights at lunch. I even added Jumping Jacks in between my sets (50 at a time in 45 seconds), which really burned the calories. The only down side, two sets of dirty workout clothes in one day. I would have worn the morning clothes again at noon (I know, totally gross), but they were still wet with sweat. Ick!

5. I'm still thinking about Alicia's essay that I posted yesterday. I wonder how a 12-year old could be so smart. I'm 55 and have never been that introspective. Her middle name was Angel. That made me smile and cry at the same time. If you missed the post (I posted it late yesterday), you really should go read it. I think it's my best post ever...and I didn't even write it.

6. I made Lyn's cabbage soup yesterday, with a few modifications. I didn't have any cabbage on hand so I used Brussels sprouts (one package chopped), Rotel canned tomatoes (I like a little heat in my soup), one chopped red pepper, six chopped baby Portabellas, 1/4 chopped onion, organic chicken broth and a five-ounce chicken breast. It was delicious! Especially because it was a cold, rainy day (stupid Seattle - it's not suppose to be winter yet!).

7. I worked from home today and wore my pajamas all day. After my workouts, I took a quick shower and put my jamies back on. I let my hair dry naturally (a fuzzy, frizzy, wavy mess), and no makeup. I loved it. Plus it added at least an hour of extra time to my day (hence the extra workout).

8. I know I've said this before but I really detest evening workouts. I feel like a rat in a cage with all those people. I don't do well with groups of people, and when the gym is packed, I'm not a happy girl. Monday night at 6pm was the worst. I need to remember this at 5am when the alarm goes off.

9. I haven't worn nail polish for almost two weeks. At first it felt like freedom, not worrying chipped polish or putting my hands in hot soapy water. Now it just feels like I'm not properly groomed. I've worn polish my entire adult life. My fingers feel naked. I don't feel "girly". I don't like it. A manicure is in my near future.

10. I decided to post a random picture. I have hundreds if not thousands of pictures on my backup hard drive. I picked this one. Randomly. To go with random Wednesday.

October 2008. Almost two years ago. My weight, 170.8. Three pounds less than I weighed this morning. Funny thing. I thought I looked skinny then. In fact, looking at it now, I don't think I look like a fat pig at all. So why do I feel like a fat pig now? I wonder.

Is it Friday yet?


Roxie said...

Don't I wish it was Friday. And you look gorgeous in that picture just as I am sure you do in real life. No fat pig anywhere to be seen!

I'm transitioning away from solar nails with a french manicure. I've worn them for years, but I'm kind of over it. I'm semi-bare nailed (I need to get the stragglers removed) and I do feel naked. I'm going to try just the plain clear manicure for a while to see how that feels.

I loved the essay - out of the mouths of babes, for sure.

I would love a pajama work day - today in fact. I'm on no-solid-foods pre-procedure and no one should have to go into work in heels and eat nothing but yogurt all day.

And here's my advice - quit buying Skinny cows by the six pack. If you want one, then drive to the store and buy one. If you, like me, have those tendencies, keeping a box in the house is just asking for trouble. They are not off limits, they just live at the store!

Allan said...

The skinny cows with the vanilla cookies holding the vanilla are deadly. The skinny cows with the chocolate cookies holding the vanilla are beyond deadly. Laughing at the skinny cow stuff as I can remember the 2 for 1 sale at the supermarket, getting 12 chocolate flying saucers home, and wondering who ate them the next morning. I was home alone that weekend, with the wife out of town.. Dogs don't eat chocolate... My bad... Wonder why I am on a plan ???

Helen said...

Unlike you I should buy the Skinny Cows. I don't like them at all. It's Ben & Jerry that I need to keep out of my house. Dang those guys! They seem so small and innocent...

Sometimes I live for weekends when we have nothing to do. I swear hairspray, makeup and other grooming products are removed from my body as soon as I get home on Friday and do not return until Monday while getting ready for work. Love that once in a while.

I'm a bi-weekly manicure person myself. For the last 10 years. It's a hard habit to break.

You look absolutely ravishing in your random photo. Just beautiful. Buy more clothing in the color of that top because it just makes you glow. You do not look like a fat pig at all. You look like someone who is fit and happy.

bbubblyb said...

Oh those darn skinny cows. I've said tons of times "no skinny cows for me" then week before last hubby wants a box "oh they are only 100 calories a piece" he says and before I know it 3 have jumped down my throat lol. So no more skinny cows allowed in my house it's just 40 calories sugar free fudgesicles allowed (have you tried them?). I always have a protein shake before the gym otherwise my sugar drops.

I've started growing my nails again and I find a good multi-vitamin helps keep them strong. I'm all for polish makes me feel girly too.

As for the picture, I think you look TERRIFIC! Love the hair too.

Ron said...

Don't buy skinny cows anymore, but I used to eat two at a time

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