Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Still standing...sort of

I just logged off my work computer and yes, it's indeed 12:03 a.m. Work is the same as the last time I posted. High stress, long hours. This is just temporary and won't last much longer (and at this rate, I won't last much longer either!).

However, today I seemed to be handling it a whole lot better. I'm not sure why, although I have a theory.

Recently during this highly chaotic time I decided to start decluttering my life. Those Hoarder shows have really bothered me. Like just maybe I could become one of "those" people.

I'm not a collector of anything, at least when you first walk into my house, that's what you'd think. I hate knick knacks. I really like the whole idea of Feng Shui, or actually, just the idea of no clutter. It makes me feel better.

I think as you get older, you realize you've accumulate a whole lot of junk during your life and you don't want anymore junk. In fact, you really want to get rid of the junk you have stockpiled over the years.

Even though I may appear to like clean surfaces and a clutter-free environment, open a closet or some of the drawers around here, and oh my goodness...look what we have here...a secret hoarder! I won't even discuss the garage...definitely the makings for a Hoarder show.

During my decluttering these last couple of weeks I've been finding stuff I didn't even know I owned. One thing was a brand new, unopened New Testament on CDs. I'd never even taken off the cellophane. I opened it up this morning and thought maybe I should listen to it on my way to work.

It's kind of cool because the reading is done with a lot of famous actors (and yes, James Caviezel does the voice of Jesus). It also has sound effect, if there's a storm, there's thunder and lightning. If there's water, you hear water running. It has all sorts of background noises and music.

I started with Matthew this morning and at first I thought oh boy, all these "begets" are b-o-r-i-n-g! But it quickly became interesting and somehow, comforting.

I know I have atheist friends that read this, but honestly, you really should give the Bible a try. It has some great advice on how to live your life.

My new thing is to stop swearing. I'm not sure how this happened but recently I'm swearing like a sailor. Not the f- word, okay, sometimes the f- word. Usually it things like "oh crap!" or "that's crap!" or "what the hell" or "Oh my God!" or "Oh Shit!". It's really gotten out of control.

I work in a business environment. One person I work with is very religious, and I'm sure he's offended by my language. I'm even kind of offended by the words coming out of my mouth.

So I've started my own swear jar. It's not for other people, just for me. I don't really care if other people swear (except the GD phrase...I hate that one...prefer the f- word over that). Other people swearing doesn't bother me, it bothers me most that I swear. My Baptist mother would die if she heard me (if she were alive).

I gathered together the dimes and quarters out of the change jar and decided the quarters are for the f- word, dimes for the "crap" and "shit" and "OMG" words (I have a lot of dimes). Within about thirty seconds of getting my money and jar together, I said "oh crap!' and then "oh shit!" because I had just said said "oh crap!"

See what I mean, it's really bad when I swear because I just said a swear word! It's kind of disgusting if you think about it, and not cute at all for a 55-year old woman to sound like a trucker. Not classy, kind of trashy.

The diet and the exercise (after all, this is a weight loss blog, in case you forgot)
I went to Weight Watchers Saturday, and had a one-pound loss. I should have done better, but I didn't. I'm at 174.8. I could write a whole lot about this, but I won't, not tonight (this morning).

I haven't been to the gym since Saturday. I know...who AM I?! Actually, I kind of hurt myself last Saturday. I pushed myself on the weights, doing concentrated dumbbell curls with 25-pound dumbbells, hammer curls with 20-pounds dumbbells, lat pulldowns with 75 pounds, and three sets of full plank for a minute each. That was just a part of my workout, and I overdid it big time. I was still sore this morning, three days later. I was trying to compete with a 20-year old working next to me. I need to remember...I am not 20. I am 55. I need to act appropriately.

Well, it's off to bed. I have a million things I want to write about, but no time right now. I'm definitely going to the gym in about five hours (ugh!). I'm really missing reading all your blogs. I haven't been taking a lunch break at work lately so I don't even have that time to read. This will all come to a grinding halt in about a week. It's just a little tough right now, and I can hardly wait to have my life back!


MizFit said...

oh GIRL Im so sorry to hear youre hurt!
any better this morning?

I too can EASILY forget Im not the 20 year old next to me lifting with YOUTH and wild abandon....


bbubblyb said...

Hope work eases up soon for you. You sound like me in the gym lol.

Ron said...

A rest from the gym after overdoing it ... is a good thing!

kristi said...

Wow, I need a swear jar too. LOL.

Ida said...

I have the Bible on tape, but it doesn't have the sound effects, that sounds way cool.

Helen said...

Ha! Do you read Chris Oursler (A Deliberate Life)? She's on the no swearing train too. It's a terrible habit and a hard one to break. I'm pretty good unless I get really mad then I swear like a trucker. Awful.

Sorry you're hurt and hope this time off is helping you heal up faster!

Roxie said...

I hope you are feeling better soon and that this big project will cut you some slack soon!

Oh, and Jesus (Jim Ca-whatever) grew up close to my hometown, I think! But you probably already knew that.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

I'm on the organizing bandwagon, too. In fact, I'm trying to replace food as a de-stressor with organization. We'll see if it works!

My Big Fat Super Super Obese Blog said...

congrats on your loss girlie. You and I sound like we were separated at birth in this post. I too have gotten into some weird kind of Nesting phase and yes...I have a bit of a potty mouth :( As a matter of fact, when I saw you were 55 I uttered something unmentionable...gurrrrlll, all I can say is you don't look 45 much less 55!

Deniz said...

Diana, you made me think with this one. Oh, the difficulty my mouth can get me into! Both by what I've stuffed into it and by those not nice words that all too often pop out of it.

So, I'm going to try to remember what my Mum would think of me, emulate your swear box and see how much I can save for a big bunch of flowers for her.

Way to go on the pound loss - it's another lb gone so a success in my book :-) Hope the sore bits get easier soon.