Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another day, another dollar

I'm still alive! Work is kicking my butt again. Even though I promised myself only eight-hour days from here on out, sometimes it's just not possible. Considering the hours I've been working the last few months I'm probably working for minimum wage. Sad but true.

Although my manager did give me the "Parking Spot" award last week along with a $100 gift certificate for a dinner out. A nice gesture but I'm still working for minimum wage. The parking spot means I get to park in the spot of my choice for a month (next to the front door) with my name on the parking spot. I think this is the fourth time I've been given the parking spot in the last three years. It basically just tells you that I work too many hours.

I still haven't made it to a Weight Watcher meeting. This Saturday I've promised myself to go back to my favorite meeting and favorite leader. I'll have my official weighin, sit through the meeting, and once again start tracking my food. I'm just not ready at the moment to crack open the online food tracker and start tracking.

Lately I've been struggling with hunger. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the weather change, maybe it's just a problem I'll always have, but I've been feeling ravenous hunger the last few days. I'm cutting back a little. For example four ounces of chicken - weighed on the food scale - instead of eyeballing it and knowing it's really eight ounces. I've been really good at convincing myself that was okay because, you know, I work out so hard. The joke is on me.

I'm still going to the gym on a consistent basis, although not every day. Five or six times a week, last week was seven days, but I'm taking today off from the gym because of a very late night last night. I decided sleep was more important this morning.

Speaking of the gym, I was reading the Health magazine and it said if you're over fifty, you have do do a minimum of sixty minutes a day of moderate exercise...and that's just to maintain your weight! All because our metabolism is slowing down drastically now. I always do an hour, but not EVERY day. Sucks to get old.

Time to get going to work. I just thought I'd drop by and let you all know I'm still here, still struggling, but I'll never, ever give up!



bbubblyb said...

Hang in there Diana things will hopefully improve and not that to far in the future. Just do what you can do and try to make the best of your free time. I've found that's the most important thing to be happy when you're not doing something you have to do.

I get to being super hungry at times too. What I've found it that it usually happens when I'm having anxiety over something even when I can't quite pinpoint what it is. I also notice that when I don't eat enough during the day I get to feeling that way at night then where I want to eat everything in sight. Just try to analyse it and figure out what's causing it the best you can. *hugs*

Debbie said...

I agree with you getting old sucks. I also fight being hungry. Right now I could eat the south end of a north bound horse.. lol

Grace said...

Gee, Diana, thanks a lot (not!) for the reminder about how we need to exercise more after age 50. :-)

Oh, I know, I should be working out...instead of reading blogs!

I've been hungrier than usual too lately, I do think the weather has something to do with it. Packing on the fat for the long winter. All the crappy weather and rain we've had lately is more conducive to going home and curling up on the couch rather than working out. But today looks better, so I think I'll go for a nice walk.

M Pax said...

Take care of yourself. Recent events in my life make me say this. Please do.

It's rough out there - work & the employee.

Weather changed here, too. We got snow yesterday.

Ron said...

A good freind of mine's doctor has told her many times, an hour of exercise to lose weight and 30 minutes to maintain! Maybe he wrote that articlev:)

MaryFran said...

Girl...take care of yourself! Try to figure out a way to cut out some hours!!!!!!

Lets not even talk about convincing onesself that they are doing 'good'. I'm the queen of it. But I'm trying to force myself to be totally and brutally honest with myself.

Gina said...

Keep your faith and be positive. This will help you in your long journey. My mom cured of breast cancer, I know how dififcult can be sometimes to reach your goal.