The lost weekend

I said I'd post my driver's license pictures from the last twenty years today. I started to but after fighting with Photoshop for about an hour trying to crop them and change the blurriness I decided I'm just to tired and it's past my bedtime. Maybe later this week. They all look like mugshots anyway so I'm not sure why I want to post them. Some of them are really bad pictures. Especially the one where I weighed 240 pounds that was taken five years ago. I look like I'm wearing a fat suit.

My weekend was okay, but I worked both days. Saturday from home and today I went into the office. All I can say about that is "yuk". Not fun to work on the weekends. I want my life back.

My scales lured me back on to them today. Old habits are hard to break. I was actually down to 173.6. So I actually lost the 1.4 I gained plus another .4. In the big picture, that's really nothing. I still want to lose at least another thirty or more pounds, but I refuse to go on a "diet".
I like not being so stressed out by my eating. I even had a glass of wine yesterday without guilt. I'm cutting back a bit on my portion sizes. I know how much I should eat and this isn't a free-for-all where I can eat until I'm stuffed. The idea is still to lose weight, but not get so crazy about it. I don't want it to consume me like it has in the past.

I want to write more about the other eating guidelines, but right now, I can barely stay awake. Later, I promise.


Lisa said…
congrats on your loss. :)
MizFit said…
thats ahuge IMO Diana. the glass of wine sans guilt.
baby steps.
movement toward.

kristi said…
A loss is always good. I was up .2 this morning, so not bad!
bbubblyb said…
Hope you got some good rest Diana.
Ron said…
I had a few beers one night last week.. a few to many that is..... sounds like your doing great... keep it up!
Aiden said…
rest is best , then work is g8, HCG diet , thanks

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