Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday in more ways than one

I stepped on the scale this morning expecting the worse. I haven't weighed since Sunday when I was 175.6. Today, I was 181.6. Six pounds in five days. Who does that? Well, me, that's who. I've easily gained ten pounds in a week without even trying. I'm some sort of freak of nature and if I was on a deserted island I'm pretty sure I'd survive longer than anyone because of my body's unique way of holding on to calories.

180 is my freakout weight. Someone once asked me if there's a weight that scares me into sanity. 180 is that weight. The reason is because at 180 my size 12 clothes are tight. At 185 my face changes. I've seen it happen. I normally have a long, slim face, but at 185 it starts to noticeably change. Of course it changes before that, gradually, where I hardly notice it, but at 185 it's like wow, who is that woman in the mirror.

A word about Marie Callendar's pies. First, I made two pumpkin pies, one using a Weight Watcher recipe for 3 Points for 1/8 of the pie, and one with Stevia from an internet recipe. They were both disgusting. My husband went to the store on Thanksgiving Day and purchased two Marie Callender pies. One was Key Lime, one pumpkin. I can pass on pumpkin but I can't pass on Key Lime. 1/10 of that tiny pie was 320 calories, 16 grams fat and 45 grams carbohydrates (not to mention 35 grams of sugar). I ate three slices (1/10 each). That stuff is POISON.

Before that I ate the traditional dinner with the best ever organic turkey from Trader Joes. That turkey was worth every cent. I've never eaten such a tasty bird.

I could tell you more of what happened in detail, but it's pretty obvious. It wasn't just yesterday,  but it was all week. I ate too much and didn't exercise enough. I worked from home two days in a row when I was feeling weak when it came to food. Even though I attempted to make Thanksgiving as healthy as possible it wasn't just Thanksgiving Day that was my downfall, it was the entire week. It was my "it's the holidays!" attitude that got me in trouble.

Now for the plan of action. Today I'm 100% back on plan. Counting Points because that's what I do best, drinking water by the gallons and a good solid gym workout for an hour and a half. Just knowing that I have my plan back in place makes me feel better.

Part of my plan is to get back to posting on a more consistent basis and reading blogs and commenting. Even though I've been reading, I haven't commented much. Mainly because I felt like a hypocrite. When I'm not doing well on my plan I drop the posting and commenting as well. Who wants to read about me eating Key Lime pie? How can I give any advice when I'm a dismal failure? Well, I need to change and get back to myself.

Just by posting this I feel 100% better. Weird, but sharing my failures makes me feel stronger and hopeful.


Ron said...

I think that blogging and being honest about my food and exercise is what is keeping me going.... I havn't posted a blog today because I woke up and chose not to exercise, but I am thinking I am going to get on that treadmill later today, just so I can proudly say that I got in some exercise....but something today is in the back of my head telling me to take the day off. but taking the day off will not get me to my goals.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

I like your resolve. I'm nowhere near my goal weight yet, but seems to me you'd need a line in the sand where you have to go back to the basics. You've articulated that really well here. Good luck. I'm confident it will work.

Two Fat Girls Take Umbrage said...

Every day is a fresh start. Forgive yourself and keep moving. Happy Thanksgiving. Jo

Allan said...

Good Afternoon,
The infamous one, ah I loves ya too...So what we gonna do about you ? Don't like being thin and healthy and pretty. Wanna go back to a fattie bobattie... We ain't fun, and we fatties don't want ya back. You are not invited to come back here, especially when we are trying to get to where you are... were... Stop please !! Don't make me start./..

Joy said...

I know you'll get the extra pounds off soon!! Keep focused - you can do it!!

bbubblyb said...

I'm starting my reading from where I left off so I'm guessing by now you are well on your weight back to where you were. I can give you my #1 rule that will help 100%. DON'T BRING "IT" IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!! Since I wasn't in my house the past 4 days I realize that is definitely my #1 rule. As for hearing what goes on with you I need to hear it and believe me you aren't alone. *hugs* Ok on to more reading from you.