Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's 16 degrees right now, which for Seattle is really COLD!

I was out the door this morning at 5:30am headed for the gym (it was 20 degrees). I got to the end of our street, turned around and came home. Even though I grew up in Alaska and know how to drive in snow and ice, I don't have studded snow tires or 4-wheel drive. I decided only a fool would risk their life just to go work out.

I worked from home today because the roads were horrible so I went to the gym on my lunch. Not my best workout because I was rushed, but at least I went in spite of the roads. I increased all my weights by an extra five pounds. Even my concentrated bicep curls, I used a 25-pound dumbbell on the last set of 8. It wasn't as painful as I expected but I'm a little sore. I'm trying to amp up my strength training a little. I've been doing the same size of weights for too long, it's time to bump them up a little.

Not much else going on except that. I'm completely stressed out over a work project that is suppose to be code complete by tomorrow. It's not done. Almost, but not quite. Theoretically I still have the four-day holiday but it makes me sick to think about working over the holiday.

This afternoon when I was dealing with a particularly complicated problem I could actually feel my blood pressure going up. I have a blood pressure cuff and it was at 154/72. Yikes! Normally I'm 120/60, so this isn't good.

My eating isn't perfect, I tend to eat too much when I get stressed. I know, crazy isn't it? I haven't gone totally nuts on the food, just a couple slices of my favorite bread (remember, there were two loaves), and maybe too many grapes, and a handful of marshmallows. I don't even like marshmallows and they're only in the house because of Thanksgiving.
This is a weird post. Scattered. Boring. Sort of like how I'm feeling tonight.


Roxie said...

Brrrr! is right. That is cold for Seattle. Wow. I'm hoping that your team of coders is super productive today so that you can relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.

Stay warm and safe!

Roxie said...

Just popping back in to tell you how much I appreciate you and your blog, Diana. Your dedication is always so inspiring and I'm thankful that you share it with us.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Our weather will do that to you! Kinda crazy for Seattle. Took me four hours to get home on Monday. Ugh. But yesterday was great for the kids to go sledding - blue skies over white snow.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Hi Diana.... just visited your blog. I'm not far from you down here in the Portland area and boy is it cold here too. Brrrr!! It's great to meet another traveler on the road to good health!! Take care.


Grace said...

Hi Diana

I'm sorry you are back in Seattle with all the crap weather (I'm not gloating, just sayin'). But you are amazing to be getting to the gym, etc, in spite of it all. True dedication!

I really came by to say how thankful I am to have met you last month. I hope we can get together in 2011. Love, Grace

Q102Briand said...

Diana your post was far from boring lol btw congrats on working out at home when the weather was bad! Good luck with your project at work.
Hope you are doing well, you are a consistent source of inspiration for me!