Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's in the water

In spite of the Halloween candy incident last weekend and the brownies I made one night this week I still had a good weighin today.

About the brownies, well, I had an argument with my husband, he went to bed mad at me. I felt sad so I made brownies, but...I only ate two and put the rest down the garbage disposal. The funny/sad thing is that I don't even really like brownies. Obviously, I still have a long way to go to overcome my emotional eating.

However, even though I wasn't perfect this week, I did a few things right:
  • I ate good, healthy food 90% of the time, in moderate portions.
  • I tracked my food four of the seven days.
  • I drank a LOT of water thanks to this guy. This really helped.
  • I worked out like a maniac seven days in a row.
  • I slept eight to nine hours a night. <---this one is amazing for me.
Weight today, November 6:


Week loss:


Total loss:


There are eight weeks left in 2010. The holidays. The weeks where people skip their Weight Watcher meeting, and indulge at the parties. 

Check out my stats from last year, around this time:

In four months I gained 21.6 pounds.  I was traveling a lot during that time, but it's been a year. I still haven't lost the weight I gained last fall.

My goals for the remaining eight weeks of 2010:

  1. Don't skip Weight Watcher meetings!
  2. Track my food seven days a week, aiming for 25 Points/day.
  3. Continue with my seven days a week workouts. Thirty minutes cardio, forty minutes strength.
  4. Water, tons and tons of water. I haven't caluclated exactly how much I need to be drinking, but currently I'm at 104 ounces of pure water a day (not counting tea, coffee, milk...I don't drink soda).
  5. Aim for a 1.5 pound/week loss. Eight weeks, 12 pounds.
  6. January 1, 2011 goal weight:  162.6
I still can't believe 2010 is almost over and February 2011 marks three years I've been blogging and following Weight Watchers. Obviously, not perfectly or I'd be at goal. :)


kristi said...

Now that I have been counting calories for awhile, I keep a mental journal of my intake for the day. Since I started back working, I am not able to exercise an hour a day but I try to get in 30 minutes. I am still losing sloooooooowly!

Ron said...

Congrats on the nice loss

Splurgie said...

Nice loss! For me, a pound and a half a week would be unrealistic. The best I can do is workout 4 times a week and if I lose half to three-quarters of a pound a week, I'm totally pleased. Since I haven't managed to do even that CONSISTENTLY in months, I'm better off to keep my goals realistic. You're taller and more active; it's totally do-able for you. I'm a new follower to AGB - his posts are great.