Sunday, November 21, 2010

The week in review

Every day I think of something I want to post about, then every day I'm too exhausted to post. Today I'll give you the highlights of my week, and hopefully get back to regular scheduled programming tomorrow.

The weighin
My weighin wasn't great - 175.6. Up 0.6 pounds. This seems to be my destiny, and I don't like it one little bit. I'm super perfect on plan for two days and then totally blow it the next day. Wash, rinse and repeat.

What went wrong
Thursday it was a loaf of my most favorite bread. It's store bought, but perfect bread. Dave's Killer Seed Bread from Portland, OR. I love this stuff. It's very healthy, all organic and full of good stuff...but it's high in calories when you eat several slices with light Smart Balance and a drizzle of honey. I didn't eat the entire loaf, but I made a good dent in it. I don't buy it because I know I'm weak when it comes to bread. My husband (darn him anyway) brought it home from Costco. Same with the best tortilla chips I've ever tasted (the kind they serve in Mexican restaurants), another bad day. He's now on restriction, he has to buy from a list. If it's not on the list, he can't buy it. New rule (that he probably won't follow, but a girl can try).

What went right
To add insult to my gain is that I worked out like a maniac last week. I've started a new routine where I do ten minutes of warmup on the Stairmaster, then my weights for an hour and finish with an intense 20 minutes on the StairMaster. Since I detest cardio, this really works for me. It seems like that 10 minute hard warmup gets my heart rate up and then during weight lifting it stays up high. I also seem stronger when it comes to lifting by keeping my cardio at the end, like all the books recommend and I've been ignoring for years. My workouts are now a full hour and 35 minutes. Of course some of that is wiping down the StairMaster twice and walking to different areas of the gym. I figure a good hour and 20 minutes is solid exercise time.

I've also been forcing myself to really do the lower body strength exercises every other day (alternating with upper body). I hate the lower body strength training almost as much as the cardio (not quite, I don't hate anything like I hate cardio).

On the days I didn't eat bread or tortilla chips I actually tracked all my calories, four out of seven days. Not bad but the bread and tortilla chip days put me way over my calories.

Yard Work - Me!
I did yard work last weekend. Yes, me with a rake in hand. Probably the first time in ten years I've actually worked in the yard (maybe 20 years). We have the world's largest Maple tree in our backyard. It's actually eight trees that grew up out of one spot. Imagine the leaves from eight gigantic maple trees. You couldn't even see the lawn beneath the leaves. I raked for three hours. My husband and I switched chores last weekend. He went to Costco and grocery shopping (hence the two loaves of bread and two giant bags of tortilla chips).  I chose the yard work because I wanted to be outside.

The coolest thing was when I discovered the ivy had climbed about 20 feet up the trees. Now that's not the cool part, ivy on trees is very bad since it kills them. What was cool was me climbing up the trees and pulling off the ivy. I'm a lot stronger than I thought (thank you 20 and 25-pound dumbbells).

When my husband saw all the ivy off the trees he asked me how on earth I got up there, he asked me if I had pulled over the ladder. I told him no, this 55-year old woman climbed up in the trees and held on to branches as I reached out and plucked ivy off the tree with the other hand. Some of the ivy stems were at least an inch thick and I had to use a screwdriver to force the ivy suckers off the tree. That's the first time outside of the gym that I thought wow, I'm pretty strong. Being strong really comes in handy in real climbing trees and pulling off ivy.

Team event
Speaking of being strong, I have a team event (for work) on Nov. 30. At first I was super excited about it since it was my first pick of six choices. My coworkers (there are ten of us) are going up to Mt. Vernon for the day and doing the Eagle Rock Challenge Course. It's one of those corporate things to help build team trust and relationships.

It has things like walking on ropes high up in the air, a trapeze thing, and other similar activities. After I looked at some videos online I'm not so sure this is a good idea. I have a bit of a fear of high places. Not terrible, it's just not something I prefer to do. I guess I should have looked at the website and the videos prior to voting on my choice. I just hope I'm strong enough to do this. I work with mostly younger and very fit people. Most are late 20's or 30's and I'm by far the oldest and fattest person on my team.

We have to sign waivers that we won't hold the City of Mt. Vernon responsible for any injuries, and wear hard hats. It's not like I can say no, I don't want to go, then I'm not a team player and it's all about being a team player where I work. If you don't want to be on a team, well, there's the door...good luck in your job search.  This isn't me in the video below, but I'll probably have a similar video after the 30th of our adventure (if I live to talk about it). Wish me luck! This is also part of why I'm upping my weight lifting time at the gym. I don't want to be the weak, 55-year old fatty that can't do this.

Quicken aficionado
I must mention my new hobby. Finances! Another thing I haven't done in 20+ years of marriage, looked at our finances. We both work,  have decent jobs with decent salaries, no kids, yet there never seems to be enough money.

I purchased Quicken 2011 a week ago and have spent hours looking through everything and entering information, downloading all our bank stuff online (way cool). Yikes! I had no idea I was spending so much money on groceries. It's embarrassing. I can't even write it out here because we (I) have been spending more on food than most people probably spend on a family of six or more. I didn't know the price of anything because I don't look at prices when I shop. I know, I'm an idiot when it comes to money. But that's all changing. We have a budget! Now that I'm tracking everything in Quicken I'm much more aware of what I'm spending.

Plus all the crap I buy that I don't need. I found myself at the pharmacy yesterday picking up my asthma medicine strolling through their attached gift shop. I always buy some piece of junk when I go in there because "they have the cutest stuff". Emphasis on "stuff". I don't need any more stuff, I have plenty thank you very much. :)

Plans for the coming week
Stop eating bread and chips! I never eat these things, and I just went a little nuts with them in the house. It's like a crack addict knowing there's a bunch of crack sitting in their kitchen. Seriously, that's just foolish. If it's not in the house I won't eat it.

Yes, I know I live with another person. I know he should be allowed to have what he wants to eat, but...well, I guess there are no buts here. I should be able to resist. It's just really hard for me. He won't be doing it again if I can  help it. He's always very supportive and he thinks I have things under control with food. I keep telling him I'm like an addict, but I really don't think he gets it. He never eats out of boredom or loneliness, he eats when he's hungry. What a concept.

I have real plans to track my food every single day. Even on Thanksgiving day. Stay within my 1400 calorie limit. Even on Thanksgiving Day. Tracking really helps.

Continue with the exercise and water. Both were great this week.

I know it's Thanksgiving week, but we're staying home and that helps. I'm in control of what's being cooked and I can cook a good, tasty, yet very healthy meal. Hopefully I won't go crazy on the healthy food...which I've been known to do.

Have a good week, and I shall be back tomorrow!


Splurgie said...

Nice re-cap. I go to Costco all the time and never saw that bread but I don't think I knew to look. Thanks a lot! LOL

I admire your workout routine. It sounds pretty ambitious to me. You wrote about hunger the other day. I found that if I eat too little, I get OVER-hungry. I can handle hunger ... just not starvation. It always leads to huge portions until I don't feel like I'm starving anymore. It's a tough one.

Ron said...

Whole foods has a seduction bread(7 grain) that I have had trouble staying away from.... at least I eat no more than one slice a day with a little peanut butter on it... Looks like your team day on the 30th will be fun!

Vee and the Kid said...

Had a hard time find your comments button ... blended in with your new background.

LOVE how you surprised yourself with your strength and tenacity. Good for you!

About the bread... my weakness too. If Hubby can't stop from buying it, maybe he could hide it in the trunk of his car and not tell you? And you can't look at the receipt!

You're doing great. Vee at

MizFit said...

laughing as I was like Vee :)
squinting away.
now I am totally pretending it is NOT cuz Im getting old and my vision is going :)

you are strong diana and you are POWERFUL and we will both rock this short DISCOMBOBULATED week!!

bbubblyb said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with telling hubby not to bring the stuff in the house. If it's trigger foods for you then you shouldn't have to deal with them.

You know that's like the place Marie and I went to. You will do fine. Some parts are scary but you will feel so accomplished once you make it through the whole thing. It made me feel so strong, capable and alive, poor Marie on the other hand wasn't up for it. I hope to take Mike back after he's lost more weight.

Good plan for the coming week. You can do this Diana!!!

M Pax said...

I always envy your strength, Diana.

It was great to check on with ya. :) Sounds like it's warmer in Seattle.