Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Day ramblings

I failed miserably last night with the late night eating. It was all healthy foods, grapes, chicken breasts, persimmons. Even though these foods are healthy and good for me, they still contain calories and put me way over on my limits for Points and calories (about 500 calories).

I mentioned yesterday how I felt really hungry. Dawn left a kind comment that she never felt hungry while losing her 160 pounds. If she was hungry, she ate something. When she speaks, I listen. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to find my off switch yesterday. Sometimes I don't know if it's really hunger or boredom. I wish I could tell the difference. Lately, I'm very out of tune with my body signals. I'm working on it, but it's definitely a challenge.

FedEx and other Christmas adventures
Yesterday was a very late day to the gym because I was waiting most of the day for a FedEx delivery of Christmas present (and one I didn't want to leave sitting outside all day). I knew it was suppose to be delivered after 11:30am (per their website it was on the truck for delivery). I waited until 3pm, still no package. I finally went back online and it was delivered at 1:30pm. But it wasn't delivered! My husband told me I'd better call FedEx. That idea didn't appeal to me. Calling FedEx two days before Christmas to tell them a package they said they delivered wasn't actually delivered sounded like being tortured.

Instead, I started walking down our street of houses to look for my package. I thought it must have been delivered to the wrong house. I was right. There it sat by our neighbor's front door. They weren't home so I just walked up, picked it up, looked at it with my name and address on it, and brought it home.

My husband told me to call FedEx and let them know about the driver's mistake. I decided that the poor delivery guy had probably delivered hundreds of packages this past week, so he made a little mistake on mine. He was probably working massive hours and was exhausted. I found the package and no harm was done (other than a tiny bit of anxiety on my part). I didn't call. Merry Christmas FedEx guy.

Then a trip to Costco for last minute Christmas dinner food. Prime rib for the husband - I won't be touching it, including cooking it. It's his deal. Scallops for both of us, but mainly me! I love scallops.

While I was shopping for the scallops, someone absconded with my shopping cart, half full of food and a few more Christmas gifts, including fake UGG boots for me since I can't find my boots for my Fairbanks trip (I think I gave them to Goodwill - they were almost new but I hated the style). You don't travel to a place where it's 50 degrees below zero without warm boots. I finally found my shopping cart over by the dairy, I hadn't made it to the dairy section yet but the person that took my cart needed some milk.

Today it's back to Costco to return some slippers I bought. Wrong size! Then I need warm gloves for the Fairbanks trip because I can't find those either. I know I had them a few months ago but they seem to have disappeared.

Then the gym...all before noon for sure.

Challenge for today
Since the hunger thing was so out of control yesterday, I'm going to take Dawn and Ron's advice. Eat when hungry, but make sure I'm really hungry and not bored. Ron's advice was to spread out the Points. According to our Weight Watcher leader (and the Getting Started Book for PointsPlus) the perfect day for someone on 29 Points is the following:

Breakfast 5
Lunch 8
Dinner 11
Snack 3
Snack 2

I get another 45 Weeklies and usually at least 10 Activity Points a day, but I'm really trying not to eat those these days.

My other challenge...drink enough water. My personal goal is four 24-ounce bottles, or 96 ounces total. I failed on that yesterday too.

Damnit...that Sarah McLaughlan ASPCSA commercial is one and it gets me every time. Breaks my heart. Where's the remote when I need it?

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

ps - just checked the Fairbanks weather. It's only -31 degrees (below zero), which means at my sister's house about 30 miles from Fairbanks is -41 (it's always 10 degrees colder out by North Pole). Yes, I definitely need warm boots and gloves for Sunday. :)


Allan said...

First off, I revere both Ron and Dawn. The other side of the coin is that when I am starving, I know the plan is working and I only eat carrots. For me, the carrot for some reason fills me, it takes chewing and crunch for the satiary factor, and I like them. Other than a carrot, I do not think hungry is so bad. I know there are obviously other opinions, and you must find what works for you !! Happy Holidays.

Lyn said...

Hang in there Diana. You are still *aware* and not burying your head in the sand and that is a good thing. You and I have some weight to peel off. 2011 is our year! Goal in sight :)

Grace said...

You are very brave to get anywhere near Costco right now.

FedEx guys ARE working so hard right now. Our doorbell rang about 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night. FedEx guy leaving a package! You were nice to not complain and smart thinking that it might be at a neighbors house.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Diana. Enjoy your trip to the frozen North. Say hi to Santa for me!

bbubblyb said...

I think Allan's suggestion is a good one, since I don't like raw veggies I tend to choice apple slices but it's true fruits and veggies fill you up well, but then I know you know that. What I've realizes is real foods didn't get me fat.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your family. A year of maintenance is terrific and 3 yrs on this journey is even more terrific. I think each day that goes by is another learning experience.

Big Christmas hugs Diana!