Wednesday, December 22, 2010

God watches out for fools

My girlfriend says this a lot, that God watches out for fools, referring to herself when she does something really stupid. Today, I was a fool.

I did something so stupid I hesitated to even write about it. I didn't even tell my husband (and I'm not going to). It did wake me up and make me realize I really need to pay more attention to my actions.

I had one last trip to the mall today, for two gifts I didn't get on Tuesday (because the crowds were making me insane). My plan for the day was the gym this morning, then home and a shower before heading off to the mall for shopping and home before 2 p.m.

I had to call my niece this morning to let her know what time I'll be arriving in Fairbanks on Sunday. I love my niece. She's funny, witty, and loves to talk. As I sat in my car in the gym parking lot for an hour talking to her, I realized it was 9:30 a.m. I thought it best to head off to the mall and go to the gym later (and I did make it there this afternoon). Otherwise I'd get caught up in the early afternoon shopping madness.

Off I went, bluetooth stuck in my ear, listening to my niece talk about the challenges of raising three boys. I don't normally drive and talk on the phone. I personally don't think it's safe, at least not for me. It's very distracting and after a few near accidents I rarely do it anymore, but my niece really wanted to talk.

When I pulled into the mall parking garage my niece was still chatting. I love her to pieces but she does like to talk. I sat in my car for another 15 minutes, my headlights turned off, talking and laughing with her over the antics of her boys. Finally we said goodbye, and I headed into the mall.

After two hours (part of it spent trying to find the second Sephora in the mall--there are two of them on the opposite ends of the mall), I headed back to my car. I knew the general vicinity of where I parked but I didn't see my car at first. So I pulled out my key fob (which contains the key that I never use) and hit the unlock button so I could hear the location of my car. Nothing but silence.

When I'd pulled into the garage at about 10 a.m. the garage was partly empty. It was totally full at noon. Then I spotted my car. Practically right in front of me. I wondered why it didn't beep when I hit the unlock button on the key fob. I tried it again while looking at it. Silence. No lights. Weird.

As I got closer to my car I hit the trunk unlock button. Nothing. Dang! The battery must be dead on the key fob. That had never happened before but the car is almost two years old. I'd never stuck the key fob in the charger on the dash so maybe it was time.

As I got next to my car I pushed the button on the door handle to open it. It's a Nissan with a button start on the ignition and a button on the handle to unlock it. I usually don't even use the key fob except to open the trunk (or find it in a parking lot if I'm lost). As long as I have the key fob on me (usually in my purse), it opens with the press of the button on the door. The door didn't make it's normal beep-beep noise when it unlocks. It opened easily meaning I hadn't locked my car. No big deal, there wasn't anything in it. Even though I always lock it. Guess I was distracted talking on the phone when I got out of my car.

Then I got in my car. It felt like it was 100 degrees inside. This is Seattle, about 45 degrees today and it was an unheated garage. Then I realized what I'd done. I had left my car running, the heater going full blast, unlocked, in a crowded mall parking garage for two hours, three days before Christmas. Oh.My.God.

That is just about one of the stupidest stunts I've ever pulled. It's a miracle my car wasn't stolen. People steal locked cars that aren't running. I was horrified I could do something so incredibly irresponsible. I know nothing happened. The car was safe, I was safe (no one hiding in the back seat), so no harm no foul, right?

What does this long, stupid story have to do with weight loss?

To be honest, this incident sort of scared me silly. As I was driving home, I started thinking about how I'm so easily distracted by life. Look Diana, shiny object!

I do the same thing with my weight loss. For months I've been floating along, watching others achieve success with their weight loss goals, while I drift along, up a few pounds down a few, then up a few more, until I managed to end up in the high 170's (177.6 this morning). I don't like this at all, and I'm not happy with myself.

After all these years of me gaining/losing/gaining weight you would think I could have this figured out by now. There is one thing I do know, I have to focus on my weight loss 100%. Yes, I have to work at a sometimes stressful job. I love to use that as an excuse, but seriously, it's just an excuse, and a pretty sorry one at that. Everyone has to work and everyone has stress in their life, yet a lot of you still manage to lose weight.

Then I was sick. Then it was Christmas week. I wonder what's next, a vacation to visit family in Alaska? It's always something with me, some distraction that I let pull me away from what I really need to be doing, focusing on losing weight. It requires 100% of my focus. No more shiny objects.

It's time to end the excuses for not losing weight. If I really want this (and I do) I need to move forward. I have to work at it because weight loss doesn't just happen to me while I'm doing other stuff. I need to totally focus on it. Eye on the prize.  I need to stop being a fool.


Grace said...

Oh, Diana. A few months ago, when I got home from work I listened to the radio for a little while. When I got out, without thinking, I apparently left my keys in the ignition in the "on" position (just the electrical on, not the engine). The next morning, my car was deader than dead, and I knew right away what I had done. I was so embarrassed, I had to borrow my husband's car to get to work. I told my hub that I didn't know why my car was dead; bless his heart, my hub blamed it on a bad battery and I didn't correct him. He just could not conceive that his wife would be so thoughtless and scattered to do such a thing. He took it to the dealership and had the battery replaced. I never said a word.

We all get scattered sometimes. You are are lucky your car was not stolen, or it might have run out of gas, or the engine might have...whatever. Just thank God, or heaven...that nothing too bad happened. And don't feel embarrassed for not telling your hub...I wouldn't either!!!

Cut yourself a break. You have been stressed out, sick, and Christmas shopping was probably the last straw. Just be glad it turned out okay. The important thing...Take care of yourself!!!!

Love you lots, have a wonderful Christmas! HUGS!


Joy said...

This is a great post!! So true about focusing on our goals!! For me it does not take too much and I feel myself starting to go in the wrong direction. It's a fight to stay focused. That's why whenever I write anything (lately) on my blog, I always end with "Stay Focused!!" I do that for you, but mostly it's for me to keep remembering why it is, I do what I do!!

And that is to "Stay Focused", so I will achieve my goals, of getting fit and healthy!!

Are you with me? Let's focus!!!

Vegan Chick Pea said...

Glad to hear you and the car were okay! That IS kinda scary, like you said, but it's good that everything turned out okay though.

I get what you mean by being distracted. It's so hard to stay on one thing (like weight loss) when it's already so tough to do in the first place.

Best of luck to you - you can do it!

Debbie said...

I did this same thing once myself at Walmart. It was cold and I was talking on the phone and just got out of the car. I was only in the store an hour though, but still I was lucky my car was still there. I am easily distracted myself and I really have to focus on my eating. I think that is why I am losing it so slow is because I get distracted along the way.

Lets focus together and we can do this. Merry Christmas..

Ron said...

So happy that your car was not stolen.... I have done some crazy stupid things... but YOU WIN!!!!!! just kidding, glad this turned out ok.... I think we all struggle with keeping focused on 'eating healthy' and "exercise'.. but for me.... I have this down to T...... if I wouldn't ever go out to eat.. and never except cookies from friends at Christmas.... I would be doing great... so I just keep trying to make better choices when I go out to eat. Maybe some day... i will always make the right choices... all the time!!!!

Roxie said...

I'm choosing to focus on the fact that it wasn't stolen. I'm choosing to rejoice that the goodness of humanity prevailed, even in just this one instance. Isn't that a cool thing to see right here at the holiday season?

I also love it that you were enjoying your talk with your niece so much that you got a little distracted!

Have a Merry Christmas, Diana.

Helen said...

I'm with Roxie on this one. We all get distracted from time to time... I think you should choose to let this incident restore a bit of your faith in humanity. A little Christmas miracle, if you will.

Vee and the Kid said...

You are SOOOO blessed that the only thing that happened was just a misplaced mind. So many things could have happened. Thank the universe for the lesson on "paying attention" and move on. You really are blessed.

Have a great holiday. Vee at

bbubblyb said...

Glad it all was ok Diana. I too have done stuff like that and you know hubby does too (leaving the lights on in his truck and the battery dead in the morning) so don't beat yourself up. As for being focused on the weight loss yes I too have to be that way if I really want to lose. I think right now I'm just fine with where I am otherwise I would change it. I also have to have a goal in front of me, a non-scale one. Maybe you need to pick one for yourself. I know you are capable of anything Diana. Have a Merry Christmas, big hugs my friend.

Rettakat said...

I really appreciate you sharing the insight you gained about Focus from this scary incident. I got me to thinking, and maybe, just maybe I see how I went astray. Thank you so much.

And have a wonderful Christmas...stay warm!

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