Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So much happier today!

Yesterday was not my best day. I'm normally a pretty happy person. Even if I get down and depressed, I usually get over it pretty fast. Yesterday was not normal.

Today I woke up in a happy mood. Even after finding the still undecorated tree, with the exception of lights and the angel topper, laying on it's side on the floor. The angel was pulled off the top and being used as a kitten chew toy. Have I mentioned we have two six-month old kittens and the world is their oyster? If it's not nailed down (well, even it it is), it's their play thing. One of them even had some of the feathers from the angel's wings stuck in her whiskers. I couldn't help but laugh. This certainly isn't a Martha Stewart home.

I'm also thrilled I got my hair back to it's original state today. After three hours with my colorist and hair stylist, I look normal again. In the downer post that I deleted yesterday I mentioned I went to my best friend's niece, a hair stylist, to get a very cheap color and cut (huge mistake). It turned out to be the worst color and cut of my life. 

I'm just not a totally bleached blond kind of gal. Every time I looked in the mirror I was horrified by my hair. The color was so bright and so blond that I felt like I needed sunglasses to even look at it. That was in front, the back was even a worse mess with white blond streaks against my natural dark blond hair.

After a lot of "corrective" coloring work which included low-lights, high-lights and some all over color, I don't look like a bleached blond bimbo anymore. My stylist took off an inch of length and it feels so much healthier. The layers, well,  there wasn't much she could do about them other than trim them up, but at least they look like the layers were professionally added and I didn't take the scissors to my hair myself. My bangs are back to normal too.

I'm so much happier with my hair now. It's a little sad that so much of my identity is wrapped up in my hair. It seems rather shallow. I can't help it, that's just how I am about my hair. I sort of wish I had this same sort of obsession about my body. Maybe I'd be thin and totally in shape if I did (and even more shallow than I am now).

The gym
I also attribute my much happier mood today to the gym. I didn't go yesterday until 8pm, then when I got there my iPod was dead so I didn't even stay. When I got home and told my husband, his response was, well, you could have worked out anyway, without the iPod. Ummm, no, I can't. I've tried that before when the iPod was dead and it was pure torture without my music.

This morning was a great workout with an hour of hard cardio. 25 minutes of it was on the treadmill, with an incline of 15 at 4mph, or an incline 15 at 5mph. 35 minutes on the crossramp. It set my mood for the entire day...happy!

The food
I was actually too busy to eat today until about 6 p.m. Even after my workout this morning I only had a banana, then I had to rush to my hair appointment, then I shopped until I dropped (I'm almost done!). I know this isn't healthy, and it's not my normal.

Dinner was a piece of flank steak and a big green salad with some yummy low-cal yogurt dressing I discovered. It's Marie's Yogurt Dressing, in the cooler by the produce, half the fat and half the calories of regular dressing. I bought the blue cheese (although there weren't any blue cheese chunks in it...of course not). It was actually really good for store bought dressing.
Tomorrow is an early Weight Watchers meeting. My normal day is Saturday, but that's Christmas, so I'm going to my regular leader tomorrow for my weighin and meeting. Then more shopping.


Oh my gosh...on Dr. Phil they just said that a one-pound box of candy is about 10,000 calories. I use to eat a one-pound box of Sees candy at Christmas, when I was on my binges (and yes, in one day!). Dr. Phil has a couple on the show that always gains about 35-50 pounds each, each year during the holidays. Dr. Phil is pushing a book, something about losing 15 pounds in 17 days (17daydiet.com). And no, I'm not buying the book. :)

Oh - you'll love this - they (Dr. Phil and the author of the 17 day diet book) both just said that new scientific evidence proves that taking off weight fast doesn't mean you'll regain the weight fast. It's contrary to what everyone has thought all these years. Interesting.


Rettakat said...

Ha ha ha, of course they would say that about losing weight fast, if they are hawking a book!

It might even be true from the physical aspect. But ya ain't gonna form new lasting healthy habits in 17 days. Oh well, there is always that newest idea, book or theory someone is promoting.

I tend to think those of us that have been around this weight loss block a few times already know "what" to do, for the most part. It's not glittering and all Hollywood exciting. Just the day to day healthy choices. Yeah, sounds kind of boring to me, too. ;-)

But the results of a healthy life aren't boring. I get a real kick out of reading blogs that share how their life has improved now that they lost weight, and what adventures they are up to, and how excited with life they feel.
Beats the 17 Day Diet, any day, LOL!

Merry Christmas,

Roxie said...

I had to laugh at the mental picture of your kittens and their Christmas antics! I know they can be annoying and can undecorate a tree faster than one can decorate it. I cannot even imagine what having two of them is like. A regular carnival all the time.

I'm so glad you got your hair back to normal. That would make me happy, too.

Enjoy your holiday and your kittens!

Helen said...

Oh my gosh! They were showing photos of trees knocked over by pets on my local news this morning. Must be in the air - lol!

As I'm having a bad hair day today (wouldn't style right this morning), I am happy to read that you got your hair back to comfortable if not normal. That in itself is a happy happy joy joy moment.

gracies tough journey said...

OMG, I saw that too about See's candy. I nearly died. Thats just crazy. No, I am not going to buy that book either. LOL. So glad you are feeling better today. Gracie

Vegan Chick Pea said...

Music IS needed at the gym - I'm totally with you! :)
I've tried to workout without music, but it just doesn't work. You need the beat. You need to have the music to drown everything else out. You need something to pump you up!
Glad to hear you're having a great day!

M Pax said...

Awww, baby kitties. I was so tempted to adopt a cat who looks just like my Nini today. My current cats would get me ... in my sleep probably.

There's always some new fad on the horizon. I just know that whenever I lost weight fast or without really putting the 'work' in, it never stayed away.