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So how's that working out for you Diana?

I was raving to my girlfriend about God Women and Food, about how wonderful it is to not be consumed by thoughts of food. I eat when I'm hungry, which is a really new concept for me. I eat what I want, and surprisingly I don't crave sweets. I eat healthy food, and I don't weigh or measure my portions.

As I'm telling my girlfriend how great this is and how free I feel, she asked the inevitable question, so how's that working out for weight loss? The honest answer to that question is that it's not working out at all for weight loss.

I've been home for four days. I'm still on vacation if you call cleaning house, doing mounds of laundry, vet visits, and a Costco run and grocery shopping a vacation.

I've been eating pretty much when and what I want, including handfuls of Thai Curry Cashews that I discovered in the bulk foods in the "nutritional" food center at Fred Meyers. My recommendation is to stay away from those things because they are a…

Freedom from myself

For as long as I can remember I've felt like I was trapped in a body I hated. Over the years I've constantly berated everything about myself, from my fat thighs, flabby upper arms, saggy stomach, hair that's always too blond or not blond enough or too long or too short, and the many imperfections of my face, always too fat or too thin, too long, not pretty enough. Nothing could escape my critical eye. Basically, my entire self was flawed regardless of how I tried to fix it.

Recently I've been reading Women Food and God bye Geneen Roth. I won't say it's changed my life but it has certainly given me a lot to think about. She tells the story of when she "lost her face". Basically, she had a severe allergic reaction during the second day of a six-day retreat. Her face became extremely swollen and almost unrecognizable. She thought it was the end of the world. It wasn't. People hardly even noticed. She was still the same person, even though she lost he…

It's Not About the Weight, but It's Not Not About the Weight.

I'm reading Geneen Roth's book, Women Food and God. After giving it a bad review without even reading it (just from what I saw on the Oprah interview), I picked up a copy before my trip to Fairbanks. I decided I wasn't being fair since I hadn't read the book and only caught 30 minutes of the Oprah-Geneen interview.

I'm on chapter five of the book and so far, I'm impressed. In fact, I'm so impressed I signed up for the Geneen Roth two-day workshop on October 8-9 in Seattle. Grace will be attending too, and I'm super excited to meet her (forget Geneen, I get to meet Grace!).

Women Food And God An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything with Geneen Roth Holiday Inn Seattle SeaTac Airport
This is just down the street from my office so I don't even have to drive into the city, an added bonus.

If you want to sign up for the workshop, here's the  link:

Also, if you go to this link, there's a popup where …

Walking is highly underrated

I went for a walk last night. A real honest-to-goodness walk, outside, in the fresh air. I haven't done that for weeks. Usually if I walk it's during lunch at work with a coworker. I don't consider it real exercise, more of a mental break to get away from the office for an hour.

Last night it was 67 degrees, and clear skies. I'd skip the gym yesterday morning for the first time in several days. I couldn't remember my last day off without looking at my exercise log - it was last Wednesday. I'd convinced myself I needed a break from the gym so I asked my husband to walk with me on the trail where I bike at least a couple times a week.

It was strange to walk on this trail. I saw so many things that normally I never even notice. There were all kinds of flowers and especially flowering trees along the trail that I'd never seen before. There were several lilac bushes and some sort of tall bush that had big blooms of white fluffy flowers. I rode my bike on this …

Sweeteners - NuStevia - good stuff

I've always had a sweet tooth that just doesn't stop. Anything with sugar in it was my favorite food. Unfortunately, as with most foods, my off switch is really broken when it comes to sugar. I just can't seem to stop. Other than natural sugars in fruit (and yes, I know that's still sugar), I've given up regular, processed sugar. Yet I really miss the sweetness of sugar.

I've always hated artificial sweeteners. All of them have a bitter, chemical aftertaste that kind of gags me. I can taste it regardless of what people tell me. Maybe some people just get use to it and really can't taste it.

I finally found a sweetener that I like and it has zero calories. NuNaturals Stevia. It's less processed than some of the others, like Truvia by CocaCola. Of course a big corporation would have to mess it up by adding chlorine. Seriously CocaCola, chlorine?

Anyway, NuStevia is pure, natural, delicious sweetness and zero calories.

Here's a good blog post about N…

Women, Food and God - really?

At first I was all set to run out and buy this book. I buy almost every weight loss book that comes out, every strength training book, every new book on the latest health fad of the moment. I have book cases full of these books. I'm always looking for the magic pill.

I've been reading about this book, Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth. It sounded like something I should read. Maybe I could learn something.

Tonight I caught the last thirty minutes of Oprah's interview with Geneen. Sadly, I realized this book doesn't have the answers for me. I've already tried making peace with food. All the stuff they talked about in that thirty minutes, I've done it. Don't watch TV and eat. Eat in a calm, quiet place. Enjoy your food. Don't count calories. Don't weigh and measure your food. Trust yourself with food (gotta love this one).

It doesn't work for me. I've tried it all and seriously, all that happened was an ugly weight gain. None of this stuff…

Where do bloggers go when their blogs die?

I cleaned up my blog list tonight. There were blogs on there where people hadn't posted for over a year. Several hadn't posted for over two months. I deleted 34 blogs from my list.

It's sort of sad that these were people trying to lose weight that either gave up on losing weight or at the very least, gave up blogging. I can only hope they went on to live healthy lives, but unfortunately, I really doubt that's what happened.

I had contacted a few of them by email the last few months asking if they were ever coming back. If they responded at all, they said no, they probably weren't coming back. Blogging had lost it's charm for them or they found it to be a chore or they said it was boring.

It's funny, even though I have days where I feel like it's sort of a chore, most of the time I enjoy blogging. Both reading other people's blogs or writing on my own blog. It's sort of like free therapy.

When I read about other people's weight loss struggl…

Sunshine + 70 degrees + bike = happy girl

I just finished the perfect bike ride. The weather is spectacular, slight breeze, 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. It was on my normal trail, which is only ten miles round-trip, with several good hills, but it was just a gorgeous ride today. I stopped in at the gym for a 45-minute upper body strength workout, then I rode home.

I can't believe how much the trail has changed in just two weeks since my last ride. Daisies, peonies, sweet peas, Dianthus, lavender, and roses all growing wild and all were all in bloom along the trail. I didn't take many pictures since I was sort of in a hurry, trying to keep my heart rate up.

At one point when I was trying to keep up with a couple of skinny guys on bikes, both wearing identical racing gear (like they were a team), the bikes had skinny tires like racing bikes. As I was pedaling my heart out to keep up with them my heart rate was at 161 (my resting pulse is 50, so 161 is high for me). They passed me going up a steep hill but then I…

Danger, Will Robinson!

“Danger, Will Robinson!” is a catch phrase from the 1960s’ American television series Lost in Space spoken by voice actor Dick Tufeld. The Robot, acting as a surrogate guardian, says this to young Will Robinson when the boy is unaware of an impending threat. In everyday use, the phrase warns someone that they are about to make a mistake or that they are overlooking something.

I'm not about to make a mistake, I already made it. I stepped on the scales this morning, the first time in three weeks. Talk about burying my head in the sand. I was sort of pretending if I didn't know how much I weighed then it must be okay. It's not okay. I weigh 168.2, up six pounds from three weeks ago.

My downfall has been fresh fruit. Yes, you can gain weight from eating too much fruit. I love fruit and had been limiting myself to two to three servings a day. Then summer came, with cherries (Vans and Rainiers), nectarines, raspberry pluots, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, watermelon, and pi…