Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Allan is right, this is REALLY hard

I'm participating in Allan's Phase 4 challenge, well, at least I'm trying to do it. It's not that easy. He says it gets better, I sure hope he's right.

I don't weigh 141 like he has me listed on his chart of participants. I wish! I started at 181 on Sunday. I hope he doesn't show me gaining 40 pounds at the end of week one.

The Good
My size 12 jeans that I wore on the plane on Saturday that were too tight and cutting into my flesh, fit much better today. They were fresh out of the dryer this morning, and they're actually comfortable.

My manager bought us all really cool company logo insulated water glasses with a straw. I love it! I can add ice and it doesn't sweat like my stainless steel Nathan water bottle. I've actually been drinking more than my required 90 ounces of water (today was 116 ounces of water, plus coffee and tea - a little on the high side).

The bad
Allan said Phase 4 would be hard in the beginning and he wasn't kidding. It's been an extremely difficult three days of trying my best to stay in the 1200-calorie range. To say I'm hungry is an understatement. I feel like I'm starving to death. I'm trying to follow his eating guidelines. Actually, they're similar to Weight Watchers but without all the "free" fruit.

I've been eating a bit more protein than his plan recommends, because, well, you know I work out soooo hard. I think I've been kidding myself about exactly how hard I'm really exercising. I thought the extra protein would help with the hunger but it's not working. I know, I'm breaking the rules and if this doesn't work for me it's totally my own fault.

The ugly
I'm feeling sort of weak and light headed, and I'm more forgetful than normal. Forgetting names of people that I've known for years, losing my cell phone (found it in my car), and other things that are starting drive me a little nuts.

I can't decide if this is all in my head and I'm imagining it or if it's because of the reduced calories. I know the upside of the hunger means I'm losing weight. The downside is that it's difficult to function when I feel like this.

My workout this morning was really terrible. Thirty minutes on the StairMaster and each step felt like torture. I only completed 103 floors. I normally complete at least 125 to 135 floors (my personal best was 144 floors in 30 minutes).

My strength workout wasn't much better. The barbell that I use for bicep curls and overhead shoulder presses is 45 pounds. I've been doing it for months but today that 45 pounds felt like 65 pounds. I completed all of my exercises and reps (three sets each) but it was a struggle. I really just wanted to go home, eat everything in sight, and crawl back into bed. Usually I don't even think about food when I'm at the gym in the morning.

My calories burned on my heart rate monitor for my hour workout was 380. Usually it's 500 - 600 calories. Not good.

A word about Weight Watchers
I've been whining about the zero Points fruits and vegetables, but really, for most people I don't think this is a problem. It's really just a problem for me. I don't seem to know when to stop. I guess I'm lacking in common sense when it comes to food. After all, I did gain 100 pounds. That says a lot about my self-control when it comes to food.

I'm still attending meetings, mainly for the accountability of the weigh ins and because I love my leader.

Link to my food diary
I'm tracking my food on a different blog page -- Food Diary, with calories AND Points for everything I'm eating. It's very boring reading but I'm really surprised how many calories I'm consuming. I'm pretty sure I was eating a lot more than 2000 calories a day because 1300 calories seems like starvation to me now. No wonder I've been gaining weight.

My conclusion about this whole thing
It really is lot harder than I thought to eat only 1200 calories a day. I really hate being this hungry. I know it'll be worth it if I can get this weight off. Thanks Allan for sharing your plan with us, I appreciate it, but oh my gosh, this is difficult!


Vee and the Kid said...

Sometimes I don't know my limits either. Especially with frozen berries. You'll do fine, and I'm sure Alan will correct his mistake with your weighT!! Vee at

Allan said...

I put you at 240, just for inspiration today !!

Princess Dieter said...

I could eat bowls and bowls of fruit. I once ate 7 oranges in one sitting. I could eat a whole watermelon. I'm an overeater!

So, having guidelines is a very good thing for me, cause I could easily go overboard on even good things.

I've only "tweaked" the plan to add a bit of veggie (tomator or mushroom or onion or spinach) to my morning egg whites. Egg whites alone is sooooo dull. But with mushrooms, love em. Tomatoes and garlic, love em. I put my morning fruit (papaya or banana) into the milk portion and make a smoothie. I find this very hunger satisfying.

One note: check your fiber intake. If your breakfast and lunch do not have enough, switch your choice to add more fiber (get a bread with 5 grams of fiber, use beans, add a higher fiber veggie, choose a higher fiber fruit). I take fiber supplements and when I have bread I take cinnamon, just to keep my blood sugar a bit steadier (I have insulin resistance). If the sugar is steady, the hunger is better managed.

But it is NOT easy. Not at all. It's all discipline, and I am not well-acquainted with that level of food self-control. Tough. Let's do it!

Carrieheff said...

How are you going to keep the weight off if you are starving yourself to get it off? Sounds like if you deprive yourself too much, you won't be able to sustain this or maintain it later. I don't mean to sound like a downer, but "crash diets" worry me.

I was on the WW site putting in a recipe to calculate the points. I started by putting in 2 cans of stewed tomatoes (0 pts) and 2 cans of tomato sauce (0 pts) as well as salsa (0 pts) and the recipe said those three things combined would be 9 pts per serving?!?! Explain to me how something that alone is zero points can add up to so much when you add them together. I am also confused by the new plan, but I'm sticking to it because I am losing weight and not feeling hungry. If you don't like the new plan, why don't you go back to the old plan which you know works?

Kelly! said...

I know what you mean Diana!! I've been following the plan but I believe i'm one day behind and i have to tell you i thought i was going to pass out yesterday!! But today, I'm feeling really good so i hope its only up from here. but im definitly checking your food log to see what you're doing!

Laryssa said...

Find lower calorie protein (like seafood) so you can have more of it without all the added calories. That's what I did when I started the lower calories back in November. It has helped alot! Especially since I love shrimp and they're only like 8 calories for 1 large! Add a couple of tablespoons of a chunky salsa (that have only 10 calories) and you've got a great, filling and satisfying shrimp cocktail! Easy as pie if you buy the pre-cooked shrimp! :)