Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This was a very tough day

After 25 days of vacation I went back to work today. It's hard for me to get back into the swing of things after a long weekend. After almost four weeks, it was darn near impossible. I'm so tired right now I can barely stay awake.

Today is also the first day in a really long time where I was extremely careful with what I ate.  I'm doing an experiment through the end of January. I'm still counting Points, but I'm also counting calories. Double the fun, right?

I have my doubts about the new Weight Watcher PointsPlus plan. Zero Points for all fruits and most vegetables just doesn't seem right to me.

I know someone reading this is thinking 'she didn't get fat from eating too many fruits and vegetables'. That's probably true, but it's also true that I can consume massive quantities of fruits and vegetables. Six large bananas is 600 calories. I've easily eaten six bananas in a day several times in my life, in addition to my regular meals. I seem to have a bottomless pit for a stomach. This is enough calories that would prevent me from having a weight loss and might even cause a gain.

I rarely list what I eat unless it's something I binged on like the can of cake frosting I ate about a year ago. Or the pizza and coconut cream pie I ate on New Year's Eve. In an effort for accountability I'm going to post every bite I eat, at least through the end of January.

Since I don't want to bore you all to death with my daily food intake, I've created a separate blog of my food diary. The calories and the Points will be documented. This is really for me, so I can see it all in one place. I just started it tonight, but haven't added the link yet.

Unfortunately, since I'm dead tired right now and getting up this morning was a challenge, I'm heading to bed right now.


reneasskinnylove.blogspot.com said...

I am alos not agreeing with the o point fruits and veggies. I am NOT doning WW but from reading other blogs I was questioning their reasoning. I came across one blog where it seemed like she ate so much food i just did not see how she would lose weigh and a lot was fruit. One of her dishes was blended bananas and coolwhip for 0 points..I mean it is food..I get where WW is going with this..But if the said WW'er chooses 90% 0point foods so that they can eat more chances are they may gain weight or not lose. So really they are leaving it up to you to decided how much 0 point food is enough??Maybe the plan says how many 0 point foods you can have???

Ron said...

I have to agree with you, I think the zero point fruit is going to be a hinderance for many... I still only eat one serving a fruit a day... and I am going to stick to that. Veggies on the other had, if its broccoli... great fiber.... need I say more!

Heather said...

The key to the zero point fruit and veggie thing is that you should eat until your full but not stuff yourself with bananas. I haven't lost on the pointsplus plan in my 1st month on it... but I also had a bad case of bronchitis that required a lot of antibiotics and steroids... then I ate like there was no tomorrow during the week of Christmas. I'm completely on track now and interested to see how the new plan works for me. I employ a clean eating strategy... so I was already eating a mostly plant based diet. It's POSSIBLE that the zero point fruits and veggies and increased daily point total will NOT work as well for me. But I think changing the strategy to realize that all calories are not created equal is a good thing.

Roxie said...

It is so hard to get back into the swing of things after vacation, isn't it? I'm struggling a bit, too. Again.

I'm hoping you got a wonderful night's sleep and are facing this Wednesday refreshed.

I did enjoy your Alaska pictures!

Jannie said...

Weight watchers is a plan I have tried twice before - both times it didn't work for me. And I agree that the new point system is a little suspicious. I am now on the Take Shape For Life program and I am absolutely loving it. I am losing 2-4 pounds a week with no suffering or food cravings. Look into it if you are considering another approach. Either way, I will be back to cheer you on.

Karen said...

I am like the new points plus system. Yes if you consume massive quanties of fruit and veggies the pts add up but you have to use a littel common sense. Everything in moderation really needs to take over in those instances. WW has been testing this for the last 3 years so lets hope their research is solid. I have had good results so far so we will see how it goes. The thing I am somewhat concerned with is I have almost 79lbs to lose and I am already at the lowest pt value. How am I going to keep losing? Again, I guess we shall see.

bbubblyb said...

Sorry your first day was tough, hope it gets easier. I really do believe we didn't get large on fruits and veggies. I think with any program there has to be a balance. I'm sure you'll figure yours out Diana. HOpe today is better than yesterday for you.

Carrieheff said...

Have you noticed that things you thought were "healthy" or "good" or "Low fat" is now higher points? It makes sense when you really think about it and follow it.

How are you doing with drinking water? I started drinking over 8 glasses a day 2 days ago and I'm feeling great already and have lost 3 pounds. If you aren't already, drink up!!

Beth said...

The "free" fruit is only free up to 5 servings. So I would say the most you could eat on the p+ system is 5 servings of bananas (which are the highest caloric value of all fruits), or 500 calories worth.