Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I made it through Monday night without an incident

I managed to get through last night without any type of evening snack and no binging. It's a miracle!

Now I need another miracle! It's Tuesday night, and I'm in the same boat as I was last night, except tonight, I'm starving! Seriously, my hunger is off the charts.

My food today was sparse, but sufficient. I was in a rush to get to work for a meeting this morning so I skipped breakfast, which is something I very rarely do these days. I had a glass of non-fat milk because I read on someones blog yesterday that it was one of the best post-workout beverages. Protein and carbs in a glass.

Then off to work for back to back meetings until noon, lunch of chicken breast with two tablespoons of Stubbs barbecue sauce, leftover roasted butternut squash (yummy) and roasted Brussels sprouts (with about a teaspoon of oil). It was a wonderful and filling lunch.

Then a crazy busy afternoon at work, with no time for a snack except a few cherry tomatoes. I left work at 5:30pm to go to the Pyramid Brewery in Seattle for the Big Climb Team Captains meeting. It was a great meeting and now I'm super psyched about doing the event. Only 39 days left!

So I'm in a room with about 50 other Big Climb team captains and what do you think they're serving for hors d' oeuvres? Artichoke cheese dip with buttered french bread, and battered fried chicken wings with hot sauce, and of course beer. Lots of beer. Everyone was drinking beer.

They had a dinner menu and several people were ordering from it. My skinny (but very sweet) girlfriend ordered a bacon cheeseburger and fries. She does Crossfit and works out like a maniac, and she gets to eat whatever she wants and remains a size 2. Love her to pieces, but honestly, life is so not fair.

I ordered the salmon, grilled with no oil and without the cream sauce, steamed veggies, no utter. Water to drink.

I just got home about an hour ago (it's 10:30pm now). I took the train back to my near my work. That was an experience. I missed my stop and had to take a different train to get back to my stop. 9pm and I'm running around in train stations near the airport (a rather unsavory part of town). I made it home safely but it was kind of scary. I'm not doing that again.

So explain to me, why after eating a sufficient amount of food today, do I feel like I'm at a 10+ on the hunger scale (with 10 being the most hungry you could possibly be)? I'm debating about going to bed on an empty stomach. I ate at around 6pm, four and half hours ago.

I could eat something but will that send me into a binge. I'm still debating on what to do. Normal people eat when they're hungry. I've already determined I'm not normal when it comes to food. What shall I do? I'm exhausted so I'm really thinking about just going to  bed.


Dawn said...

I'm sorry I don't have the answers...I don't know. It would seem that if your head tells you you have had sufficient food then the intense craving of hunger is for something else. I know I want food, when I want something else, like feeling unhappy, happy, lonely, sad....food can equal whatever we want it to mean. sometimes, to distract that it helps to become 'hungry' for something else, planning to complete a new project, a task...doing and achieving a long put off but much needed job....get the mind on another need?. Sounds all well and good but its hard to do in practice I know...I don't have the answers

Roxie said...

If you are anything like me, the stress and anxiety of your train experience would have sent me into binge mode.

I hope you had another peaceful night.

Beth said...

I hope you managed without a binge. That night-time binging has been a persistent problem for me. But for a couple months, it has been blissfully absent. And combine it with hunger...well, I can't wait to find out how you ended up handling it. If going to bed was a solution, that's great. My problem with that would be tossing and turning for hours (and even a sleeping pill wouldn't work) and then finally giving in. Eating always puts me to sleep.

Miss Obesity Rehab said...

I hope you will keep booking succeses! I am on a hard journey of weight loss and self reflection as well. I hope you keep going!

My process: http://obesityrehab.blogspot.com/

xoxo Carla

Need to Get ME Back said...

I agree with Dawn about eating when you are wanting something else. Is the evening/ night when you start thinking about things in your life that are stressful or not how you want them to be? There's got to be a trigger to start it. Maybe if you identify what triggers it, you can talk yourself out of it.

That was some awesome restraint during dinner. Also, about that skinny girlfriend... don't you just hate that?! GR people who can eat like that and stay skinny make me so mad!!! lol

SkinnyNurseB said...

Whenever I get like this I try to drink as much fluid as possible and organize things to distract my mind!

MOM GETS_FIT said...

Hey I feel what you are going through. I have days where I'm totally off and days where I am totally on. It's very frustrating when in my case I eat a box of 100 calorie snacks at the end of the day. We are both trying to find our path out of this. Here is a link to the path I'm on.

MOM GETS_FIT said...

Oops forgot to stick my link in, here it is.
Walk a weigh from the waffles and wontons!