Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hank's capture video

I loved this video!

It made me cry because it's such a happy event. You can see what a gentle soul this little guy is just by his demeanor. He's been on the run for a week, in a completely foreign land, with snow and freezing temperatures this last week. Scrounging for food and sick with bronchitis. He didn't understand our language since he's from Taiwan, and I'm sure everything smells very differently here than it did in Taiwan. You can see how gentle he is when Jim (the tracking dog owner) picks him up and puts him in the kennel. Really touching.

Posting today on Saving Great Animals Facebook:

Please email us if you would like to FOSTER HANK. He will be in need of a soft warm place to land as of this afternoon. He is being treated for Bronchitis with antibiotics and has a sore hip and leg from being on the run. The best place for him is in a home without any other dogs, since he has been through so much this past week, and with out any young children. Once he is settled and the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) has worn off his new home settings may change, but for now we want to find him a home where things are quiet and he will receive lots of TLC. PLEASE let us know if you can help.
If you live in the Pacific Northwest and are interested in either fostering or adopting this very special dog, email the Saving Great Animals director, Vashti Escobedo- Director Saving Great Animals: Matching Families and Pets at


I've never heard of this organization until last weekend,  Missing Pet Partnership, Seattle Pet Detectives. They were hired by the Saving Great Animals rescue group to find Hank. I was really impressed by these folks.

The lady in the yellow vest in the video is Cat, and she is really a neat lady. They worked so hard to find Hank. They plastered the neighborhood with signs. There were signs everywhere. You couldn't go down a street within a two-mile radius from where he was lost without seeing one of the lost dog signs (and they were huge signs). They used a tracking dog to find where Hank was hanging out. They had a video camera at one of the live animal traps. They had a phone hotline that was answered 24/7.

I guess most major cities have a service like this, but I'd never heard of such a thing. Good to know in case I ever lose a pet.

There were also about 30 volunteers working to find Hank. A really nice group of people donating their time to help in the search. The whole thing just made me feel better about people in general. The world really isn't such a bad place. There's a lot of good out there, we just don't always see it.


june in ireland said...

I cried too while watching this just now too, Diana. This is wonderful. And yes, you can see how gentle and sweet this beautiful puppy is. I am so happy, so relieved. This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing this with us. If I lived anywhere near you, I'd be the first in the queue to volunteer to foster Hank. I'm a bit of a distance away from you, though, being in Ireland. But my love goes to Hank across the miles. May he live a long, happy, healthy and beautiful life. God bless you for all that you've done to help find and rescue him, Diana.

Deniz said...

Me too. If I lived anywhere in striking distance (the UK is a bit of a hike, sadly) then lovely Hank would have a new mum. What a sweet chap he is.