Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Silly title to this post. Happy + Saturday goes without saying!

It's a gorgeous day here in the Pacific Northwest. The sun is shining and not a cloud in the sky. It's been raining nonstop for what feels like weeks, wet, cold and gray. I'm thrilled to see the sun and the deep blue of the sky. It makes me smile.

I'm off to Weight Watchers for my 11:15 a.m. meeting. I don't think I lost anything. In fact, I may have gained. I ate an entire bag of frosted animal crackers a few nights ago. I'm not sure what came over me. I was in the store, saw them on the shelf and bought them. It wasn't planned, it just happened. Over 2,000 calories in the bag. I kicked my own butt the next morning when I woke up and remembered what I had done. I don't know why I did it when I know I have the Big Climb in only two weeks. It made me angry with myself, but time to move forward. That stuff happens, I just have to keep going.

Plans for today are not very exciting, Weight Watchers, gym, grocery shopping, house cleaning. In that order. Already started on laundry. Fun times weekend chores. My husband is working on taxes so he's not the most fun guy to be around today. At least it's not pouring down raining so running errands will be slightly more enjoyable. I won't have to worry about a monsoon hitting me running from car to store and store to car.

Hank update
Here's the latest on Hank. I'm so relieved he's safe and in a good foster home. I talked with Jessica several times every day last week about Hank. I was the point person in my neighborhood since he was always spotted a few blocks from my house. One time he was seen two houses down from me. Anyway, Jessica loves this dog to pieces, and she persevered until he was found. Great ending to the story!

Post on Saving Great Animals Facebook page:
We have Hank out of the hospital now. Here he is with our wonderful volunteer Jessica St Germain. Hank is now recouping in a loving foster home who has lots of experience working with dogs in emotional need. We will begin to look at who is the best fit for Hank for his forever home! THANK YOU to everyone who helped save him!


Grace said...

OMG, Diana, we must be on the same wavelength. My title is EXACTLY the same are yours. And we posted at exactly the same time.

I am so happy for Hank.

Looking forward to seeing you when Roxie is here. Do you think you can make it on the 15th?

june in ireland said...

Wonderful that Hank's doing so well. Long may that continue - for the rest of his sweet life. Don't be so hard on yourself with the animal crackers. I think that even though it was of course fantsatic that Hank was found/rescued, a lot of emotional upheaval went into that - I think that may have set off an emotional eating session, that's all. Emotional eating can come in the form of positive/happy emotions, not just the negative/stressful ones. I'm an emotional eater, big time. It's my biggest struggle and probably always will be. When I'm depressed or distressed/stressed, I can mindlessly consume vast quantities of food. Nearly equally, when I'm very excited (as in happy or looking forward to something) or at a social gathering, I can easily down quite a bit of munchies, as well.

So, if you're anything like me in that regard, then that easily explains your eating that bag of animal crackers. A combination of being worried about Hank coupled with the joy of him being rescued could easily set off a binge. So don't worry about what the scale says at the weigh-in. And don't beat yourself up, okay? said...

Happy post :)

M Pax said...

Oh yay on saving Hank. It's been great it has warmed up here in the PNW.