Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three days until the Big Climb!

 Grace, Me, and Roxie at Palomino's in Seattle
Not my best picture but Grace and Roxie look gorgeous.

Tuesday I had a wonderful lunch with Roxie and Grace in downtown Seattle. It was the first time I'd met Roxie. She's exactly like she is on her blog, sweet, really funny, charming, beautiful and skinny too! I absolutely love her. Seeing Grace again was very fun. She and Roxie are very much alike, and I adore them both.

After our fun lunch I climbed the stairs at the Sheraton, twice. 1,154 steps up total. It was 37 floors to the roof, but their floors are weird. Some are 30 or 40 steps, but most are only 15 steps. On my way home I stopped at the gym for thirty minutes on the bike and a half hour of lifting weights. This morning it was back at the gym for 30 minutes on the StairMaster. I'm planning a regular workout tomorrow, a light workout on Friday, probably the elliptical and some upper body weights, then nothing on Saturday. A day of rest before the big day, the Seattle Big Climb.

I'm a bit nervous about the climb. I'm sure I can do it, but I know it's going to be difficult. Going up 37 floors at the Sheraton in eight minutes yesterday was difficult, but thinking about 69 floors without a break is a little intimidating.

My eating has been pretty good, but not perfect. No junk food, but a little too much chicken and fruit. I've been tracking my food, tracking both calories and PointsPlus. Yesterday was 1900 calories but only 17 Points (I'm suppose to have 29). The new Weight Watchers plan is a struggle for me, I can't seem to figure it out. I think it's best if I stick with calories.

I missed breakfast this morning because I was running really late for work. I rarely miss breakfast. I had lunch out today at Anthony's Seafood at the airport (my favorite Sea-Tac airport restaurant). I had Cioppino - Wild Alaska salmon, Manila clams, Puget Sound mussels and lingcod simmered in a savory tomato herb broth. I love this stuff. The last time I had it though it was super salty. I asked the waiter to tell the chef to go really light on the salt. It was perfect!

Well, it's past my bedtime (midnight!). I'm going through a really bad spell lately of not being able to sleep through the night. I can fall asleep in a flash, but I wake up several times during the night, finally getting up exhausted in the morning. I have my annual physical coming up in a few weeks. I'm going to ask my doctor if I need a sleep study or something because something is wrong with me and it's making me crazy!


Helen said...

Believe me I don't think that climb is going to be 'easy' for anyone! But I have complete faith that you can do it.

All THREE of you look gorgeous!

Biz said...

I am with Helen = you guys look terrific! Great blogger meet up - and Seattle is a place I've always wanted to visit. :D

Dawn said...

Isn't it funny how we can look at a picture of ourselves with those we love and say..they look gorgeous, shame about me.....when I look at this photo and I haven't seen any other than your thumbnail shot....I think...Wow they ALL look fabulous! Oh to look as good as these women do.
The Big Climb is going to be hard work ( the little climb wouldn't be a challenge!) but you can do it and you will achieve this goal and for me, I think once done, you will be more able to carry on your plan without this big challenge in your head. I think the "after' will be even better for you.

Mer and Mo said...

Diana - good luck with the climb!!! You can do it!!! Feeling joy and excitement for you!!!
"Staying MOtivated"

Grace said...

Hi Diana
I was telling my therapist last night that our lunch was one of the best experiences of my life. Seriously, it was. Even though I'd only met you once, and Roxie never before, it felt like I was having lunch with my 2 best friends. I had so much fun and I love you both! (I'm still writing my post about it.)

I just know you are going to Shine Big Time at the Big Climb. Don't be nervous...Relax and enjoy the moment!

Grace said...

P.S. Great picture of us all...and you look gorgeous.

Tena said...

Love that picture of you three! You all look beautiful and happy. It's great that you got the chance to meet up.

Best to you on the climb. I know you can do it!

Ironayla said...

Good luck with your climb this weekend. Will be thinking of you on Sunday.

Ron said...

Good luck and enjoy that climb!!!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Diana, I'll keep an eye out for you with the balloons tomorrow. I'm on at 11:30 and I'll be there with my wife and kids. In any case, good luck and enjoy yourself!

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