Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I do NOT like this book

The book
I'm on chapter two of A Course in Weight Loss, 21 Spiritual lessons for surrendering your weight forever, by Marianne Williamson. I wonder, exactly what does "surrendering your weight forever" mean?

I've decided this book is a bunch of crap. Lesson two is even more stupid than lesson one. It's titled Thin You, Meet Not-Thin You. I got about four pages into this lesson and realized I don't like this author.

Marianne talks about Divine Mind, and "One in Whose hands it will dissolve forever". Seriously? Sounds kind of Harry Potter-ish to me. If she's talking about God then why doesn't she just say "God"?

When I read "Fat cells will dissolve permanently when they are dissolved through the power of love." I almost couldn't stop laughing. That's news to me. I thought those little guys were with me for life. I knew they could shrink, but I didn't know a little love could get rid of them.

I'm sure she was speaking figuratively and not literally, but so much of her writing is like a puzzle. It sounds nice but it doesn't make any sense.

Lesson one, tearing down the wall, which involved looking at the darkness in my life, was a terrible exercise. Dredging up old grievances and sadness in my life did nothing for my soul. Examining them in detail was horribly depressing.

This is by far the worst weight loss book I've ever read in my life, and I've read a lot of them.

After reading this book for a few days, I remembered buying another Marianne Williamson book several years ago. I had totally forgotten about that book. I can't remember the name of it. That was when I respected Oprah and she was promoting it at the time. I hated that book. In fact, that's when I was very involved with my church, reading the Bible daily, and of course, daily prayer. I found Marianne's writing offensive, and I still do.

I think there might be some value in this book. Sadly, so much of it is New Age garbage that you have to try to weed through to get to anything worthwhile, I really don't think it has much overall value.

I did a little research on Marianne last night and found an interview she did several years ago. Personally, I think she's a little crazy. Sure, we're all a little bit crazy, but most of us aren't out there selling our brand of crazy to the masses.

Buyer beware

And life goes on
It's only Tuesday but yesterday was long! After a couple of sleepless nights over the weekend (thanks to that damn book), I awoke exhausted on Monday morning. I felt like I hadn't slept all weekend. I managed to drag myself to the gym, but my heart wasn't in it.

Saturday I had done a new upper body workout that killed my triceps, biceps and deltoids. My arms are still very sore. After purchasing a great new magazine that I totally love, "Muscle and Fitness hers", I read about doing supersets or compound sets. I remember doing these years ago, but had forgot all about them.

You pick two or three exercises for one body part and then you complete one set of one exercise and go immediately into the next one, alternating until you complete all sets. Compound sets are a great way to get better results in less time, stimulating muscle growth while also bumping up fat loss. I also found it a lot less boring.

After the gym I only had a half day of work because I had a dentist appointment. I go three times a year for a cleaning, but this wasn't a normal visit. It was to "look at my crown". I had a crown put on a molar three years when my dentist saw a "shadow" in the x-ray. I had no pain in that tooth but he convinced me I needed a crown, which resulted in three years of cold sensitivity and often pain.

The "looking at my crown" turned into a two-hour root canal. My dentist is a "pain-free" dentist and I didn't feel any pain, other than sitting there for two hours while he drilled, prodded, poked, drilled some more, more poking and prodding and more drilling. I had my iPod cranked up but I had no idea it was going to be two freaking hours in that chair.

I was on nitrous oxide the entire time so I was in happy land.When I came home I took a Valium he had prescribed because as soon as the numbness wore off I wasn't in happy land anymore. After dinner, a bowl of delicious homemade beef vegetable soup I made in the pressure cooker (my new best friend), I became violently ill. Like I thought I was going to die ill. I couldn't stop throwing up. It was horrible.

I'm not sure what made me so sick. This is the first beef I've eaten in over two years. It was fresh, as well as all the vegetables. Maybe it was a reaction to the Valium, but I've never had that happen before.

At least I'm over it now and I've tested out the crown. I can drink ice water and let it hit that tooth without screeching in pain. I guess it was worth it.

Now, off to the gym. I have some new glute exercises to try (from the magazine - love it!).

One last thing, as my friend Roxie often says....be kind to yourself today (and others). :)


Deb said...

I agree with you about that book! So funny, your thoughts are mine exactly..too new age touchy feely for me.
Have you ever read "Fat, broke, lonely no more" by Victoria Moran? That is one book I keep going back to.
By far the best thing I ever did though was finally go to a therapist. So expensive, but really helped.
I sure enjoy your blog!

Helen said...

So, I haven't said anything up until now but I've wanted to ask you why are you torturing yourself. If I remember correctly you didn't love Geneen Roth's book either and these two at least sharing a room if not in bed together. I also was given that other MW book as a gift and never got past the first couple of pages. Gave it to the library for their book sale.

As you know I'm terrible with weight/strength training, but I will say I learned about supersets years ago from a personal trainer and that's the only way I've ever been able to get through even a short routine!

Carrieheff said...

I couldn't get into that book. Instead of reading that I might try Wayne Dyer's "Excuses Begone" I've got it and haven't read it. I really need to stop buying these books. Marianne is confusing although sometimes she makes sense to me. However, her books are really hard to follow.

You will find what works for you. What happened to reading your old posts and doing what you did back then? You were successful then and lost weight. I'd say just follow those things you wrote about a few posts ago and you'll be at your goal weight in no time!

MaryFran said...

Thanks for the warning about the book. Definitely one I'll be passing up. haa haa haa

midlife_swimmer said...

one of the best self help books I ever read was a load of new agey mumbo flowery words and jumbo that could be paired down to the one paragraph that changed my life....

it said to sing and dance everyday literally. I took to singing in the car and busting a move or two right before I took a shower daily and I have to say... its my favorites of my self help regimine. sounds dumb. but its funny and feels like a daily does of de-stressor. too bad it took reading a whole book to take away that advice. LOL!

Need to Get ME Back said...

Yeah, sounds a little out there. Personally I like Women, Food and God by Geneen roth.

hopefulandfree said...

Ahhh, a woman who knows what she DOES NOT LIKE! :) That's actually quite awesome. And refreshing.

The parts of the book you quoted sound eeeewwww...but I have my very own brand of crazy going on, so I don't dare judge. Lately, I just write really weird sh*t that seems to be bubbling up from some creepy-ash subterranean part of my (un)consciousness, and which apparently has been lurking there for a looong time. Ugh. Oh well. The bizarre process seems to be taking away my overeating impulses, at least for now, so I suppose I shouldn't complain. It does feel a bit as though I've struck some deal with the devil. LOL.

Your workouts sound HARD! Good for you! I would love to build more muscle...eventually. (Still recovering from surgery, with one more to go next month.)

I like mid-life swimmer's suggestion about singing and dancing. Probably easier if I didn't have two left feet. :)

Grace said...

Well, I guess I will not be getting that book any time soon. Yuck.

Splurgie said...

I work in a public library. MW books used to fly off the shelf back in the Oprah's-golden-touch days. Now they languish.

Elaine said...

Oh, I so agree with you on this! I reserved a copy at my public library, picked it up, leafed through it in my car, and drove through the book deposit lane and dropped it off. I might hold the record for the shortest book check-out-lol. I agree with Splurgie- she needs another boost from Oprah to recapture her public's imagination.

Christine Marx said...

I bought the book and went with a friend to see her speak. She's a self-indulgent, pompous loon who talks down to people. What she says makes no sense and I agree with your assessment of her book. Don't waste your time reading it.

The title of this post is a joke, there's no new me. It's just the same old me, doing the same old stuff. Just for fun, I went back...