Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I want to write a good post, I really do

I had a plan for a thoughtful post tonight, based around a really kind and sweet comment I received yesterday (thank you Rebecca!).

I had an exhausting two days sitting in a training class where I was bored out of my mind. For some reason, that just wore me out and now I just want to sleep.

In addition, my lower back and is killing me, and it's because of a new exercise I tried yesterday. The inch worm. It looked simple in the book. Just stand up, feet flat on the floor, shoulder width, and bend over from your waist. Put your palms flat on the floor in front of your feet. Don't bend your knees. Walk out your hands (right, left, right, etc.), until you're in a full pushup position but walk your hands out even further out i front of you, then walk your hands back until you're bent at the waist again. Sounds really easy, right?

The guy in the video isn't really doing it correctly because he's bending his knees, they're suppose to be straight, but you get the idea. I only did six reps but thought I was going to die. It's suppose to be for your abs, so I must have been doing it wrong because it's my back that hurts.

My lower back is in total agony from this exercise. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I guess I pulled something or used a muscle I didn't know I had back there. Anyway, I don't think I like this exercise.

I'm going to do some stretches, take a couple aspirin and go to bed. Thoughtful post tomorrow. :)


safire said...

I hope your pain goes away! I think stretching helps and taking it easy. :(

Dawn said...

just xXx

Grace said...

Darn! Hope your pain has gone away! And that you are feeling better both physically and emotionally.

Yes, the 4HB diet I refer to is the Four Hour Body by TIm Ferriss. I wrote a post in January: http://notes-by-grace.blogspot.com/2011/01/trying-something-different.html

It's basically a low carb diet which also allows beans and restricts dairy. Then you also have one cheat day a week, which keeps you sane & supposedly allows for your metabolism to recharge. I don't know why he threw in the sex stuff, because it's a bit of a non-sequiter and I think it may dissuade some people from buying the book. Anyway, if you do try it, just read the diet part. My husband has lost 35 lbs, and I guess I've now lost 8? (I think, I don't really remember where I started.)

Elaine said...

Sorry about your back. I looked at the youtubeof the inchworm exercise, and that looks really advanced. I think there are better core exercises that don't put so much stress on the back. Having said that, I hurt my back last week, and just now I'm feeling almost normal. I've done this to my back before, but this time I vowed to strengthen my transverse abs and improve flexibility to try to prevent this from happening again; so I'm giving yoga yet another shot. Really basic, specifically low back- focused yoga. Do not love it, but if it helps my low back, I'll stick with it.

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