Blue Monday

 Why a blue Monday you ask? Well...

1. My eating was a off this weekend. I felt like I was starving all weekend and overindulged in healthy foods. I gained almost two pounds. 189.2 this morning. Ugh!

2. After an awesome workout Saturday and a lazy day afterwards, I had a ton of chores to catch up on yesterday. I ended the day with some sort of hay fever attack (probably from all the dust as I cleaned like a maniac).

3. Because of the hay fever, which I couldn't get under control with Allegra, I took Benadryl (aka knockout drug). When I woke up this morning after a fitful night of nightmares, which included a continuing saga of dead and live mice, I woke up exhausted at 4:45am (my normal get up and get to the gym time). I skipped the gym this morning (shame one me).

4. The battle with the slugs continued yesterday. My two hanging baskets by the front door (purchased at Costco), look pretty good. The two I made myself that were pretty when I first hung them actually looked hideous. The flowers were getting smaller instead of larger. I took them down, had a look and they had slugs! Slugs in hanging baskets? I guess I planted slugs with the flowers unless they climbed up the side of the house and jumped into the baskets. Somehow, I don't think so. I replaced several of the flowers (after a trip to the nursery) and right now they're gorgeous again. I also added a dose of the organic slug bait, just in case. The flower beds look good, although I noticed the slug bait has what looks like fuzzy mold growing on it.

5. It's Monday and even though I'm not really dreading work, I have a ton of stuff on my plate. I'm just sort of dreading how busy it's going to be today. I'm exhausted from the Benadryl hangover and would really rather go back to bed.

6. I want to eat my egg/Canadian bacon/2% sharp cheddar cheese combo on a sandwich thin. I'm going to have a 300 calorie green monster instead. The life of a fat girl I guess.

7. It's 52 degrees right now and it's 7:30am. Seriously, I'm so freaking sick of this weather I could scream. The sky is dark gray and of course, we have the promise of "precipitation" today. I want to move back to San Diego. Yes, we have pretty mountains and it's gorgeous green in the Northwest. When the sun shines, it's the prettiest place you've ever seen.  WHEN the sun shines, like almost NEVER.

8. I credit the above ranting about the weather and this looney tunes post to the Benadryl. It makes me tired and sad, but it stops the allergies when they go into overdrive like they did last night. I think I need a different drug for hayfever, which I'll ask about at my annual physical in July (which is about five months late).

9. Speaking of physical, this isn't going to be fun. I have to have my third mammogram in a year in a half (every six months whether I need it or not due to something they found almost two years ago). I have to have another ultrasound of my thyroid because of the nodules they found a year ago. My blood pressure is up because of my weight so I suspect they'll want to put me back on blood pressure medicine. It's been running around 149/90. Yes, I know, that's terrible. Lastly, I know I'm going to get talked to about my weight. I have a wonderful doctor but she doesn't mince words. Which I actually appreciate that she doesn't pretend the weight is okay, like a lot of doctors do. She'll say something.

10. I need to put a smile on my face and get over this feeling. None of this stuff is life threatening (although that blood pressure might kill me). Trying to think happy thoughts. :)


Helen said…
So now I think you need to do what I've been doing since I wrote my post this morning: make a list of your blessings. With no ifs, ands or buts. Just write 10 good things down. Hugs.
Biz said…
I am with Helen, especially after her weekend! Also, my daughter has horrible allergies, but Zyrtek has been a life saver - no more sneezing, etc. - and typically from May to October she is stuffed up.

Hang in there - today is a new day! :D
Brooke said…
I'm going to third Helen. I love putting things back into perspective - especially after I had a chance to vent. It's healthy to get it out, now just take a step back and remember your blessings. You're amazing!! Remember that.
Ron said…
Monday is over..... Hope you have a great Tuesday!!!!
Well, personally, I enjoy a good wallow. Drives away virtually all readers, but, hey, I only had a tiny hand full anyway. LOL. I'm not writing my blog to cheer up (me or anyone). Just trying to face the fear. We all have one sort of grizzly bear or another following us around, we just don't admit it most of the time. I wave at mine and keep moving. Pretending it isn't there would keep me from seeing and feeling the great stuff too. <3
Anonymous said…
Diana I don't think this is just about focusing on the positive. I think you are processing something and going thru a transition of some sort. Its good that you are journaling. Just try and stay in touch with what you are experiencing. I think this is definitely a time of growth and when you come out on the other side you will be at the top of the hill and things will flow smoothly for a while....and your weight loss will be easier.....
I may be totally off, but that is the feeling I have from reading your blog the last couple of months...

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