Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy girl!

I'm in a crazy, happy mood tonight. I'm not completely sure why, I just know I feel...well...happy!

I just got back from an evening bike ride...

Rule #1 of biking
Don't stop and get off your bike when going up a steep hill. Even if your heart rate is at 161 and you're positive you're seconds away from a massive coronary, DO NOT STOP! Especially if there are people walking on your trail. They will watch you struggle to get going back up that steep hill. Sure, they're laughing "with you" as you fall off, over and over again!

Rule #2
Beware of little kids on bikes with training wheels. They do not know what they're doing or where they're going. As far as they're concerned, they own the road and you're in their way. I almost crash twice tonight because kids decided to switch sides and ride on the wrong side when I was about ten feet from them. Crazy kids!

I can't believe it's Thursday and I haven't posted since Saturday. Especially when things are going really well for a change.

A recap of my week:

1. I'm joining another gym! I still belong to the Bally's close to my house, and now I'm joining a gym that's about five minutes from my work for my lunch hour workouts a few times a week.

That's what I did when I started Weight Watchers 3 1/2 years ago and it really helped. The people that work there are super friendly and it's only $19/month, with no contract. Cancel anytime. It's a smaller gym, but they have plenty of equipment and weights, and it's not crowded.

They gave me a two-week pass to try it, with no pressure to join. Plus two training sessions. I had my first one yesterday, and he tried to kill me. I forgot how a trainer can really hurt you. I could barely walk this morning from lunges and squats. Rule #1 of working out with a personal trainer, never tell them the exercises you hate the most because that's the ones they'll make you do over and over. He's a super sweet, young man, with a very hot body. He competes in body building contests, so he knows his stuff. He's also a nutritionist, and I'm going to schedule an appointment with to talk about what I should really be eating to lose weight and gain muscle.

2. I'm down from 199 to 191 this morning. Thank God! I was scaring the crap out of myself that I was soon going to be right back at 240. Gagan, the trainer, gave me a tip that's really helping with my cravings. He told me to stick with my protein shakes after my morning workout (with fruit, protein powder and spinach), and try to stop eating fruit around 3pm. I can't believe the difference it's made this week. I also cut out the Weight Watcher ice cream bars and Dreyer's frozen fruit bars. Apparently, if you eat sugar at night, including fructose, it causes cravings. I had no idea!

3. Body Media - I love this thing! I got it a couple days ago, but  I didn't set it up until tonight. It's pretty cool, and kept an excellent record of my biking. It said I had 30 minutes of moderate exercise and 44 minutes of vigorous. I noticed my heart was higher than usual tonight. I still wear my heart rate monitor and often it was in the 158-161 range. Which is really high for me. Remember I'm old, almost 56 and my resting heart rate is 52. Old people have a slower heart rate.

It's after 11pm so I have to go to bed. I'm exhausted! I hope I wake up as happy in the morning as I feel right now. I sort of doubt. I'm never a happy morning person.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,

I found your blog via Lyn's. I like your introspective honesty. I hope you have a fantastic Friday and weekend.

Mrs. Chupchake

Roxie said...

What an enthusiastic post! I love the idea of the gym at lunch - I (try) to get a lunch workout in several times a week.

Yep, those kiddos can be treacherous on the trail.

Have a great weekend!

Carrieheff said...

YEAH! You're back! I'm SO happy you've gotten back on track! I was beginning to worry about you.

BTW, you are NOT old! 50 is the new 40!

Anonymous said...

I was worried about you to. This post sounds so completely differnt than your other post. I could feel the positive energy coming off my screen. Good for you.


bbubblyb said...

Glad you didn't have any kid crashes lol. Glad you're feeling happy too :) Here's to a happy Friday and weekend!!!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Very, very happy for you. Seems smart to join two gyms. If someone told me, "You can be healthy and happy, but it'll cost you $19.99 a month," I'd say where do I sign! But how many people belong to two gyms like this? Bold move.

Brooke said...

So glad to see you so upbeat and happy!! Congrats on seeing the scale going back down. Hope you have a GREAT weekend and keep those happies around!

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