Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ambien...I don't like you anymore!

Goodbye Ambien
As my 3-year old grand-niece said with her hands on her hips, after her mother made her angry, "I've decided I don't like you anymore!".

Three nights in a row, after taking Ambien, I've basically sleep-walked and ate food I didn't plan to eat or remember eating. The first two nights it wasn't too bad, a few extra pieces of fruit that I didn't remember eating, but last night:

This was a full 8-cup container of chips (my husband's food, not mine). Worse than eating the chips is the conversation I had with my husband as I was eating them which I totally don't remember. Something about I had been good for six weeks and I deserved a treat. Approximately 600 calories!

Bye-bye Ambien. Hello sleepless in Seattle.

Best huumus in the world and I made it!

There's no oil in the recipe, but I drizzled olive oil over it, as Angela suggested. The first time I used a whole teaspoon, which was too much. The next time I only used 1/2 teaspoon which was perfect. Scrumptious!

Dash Point Park hike yesterday
The stairs

Puget Sound, worth the short hike.

Today's hike, my usual trail by my house
It was 85 degrees and I think I overdid it. It was worth it though because I found a great blackberry patch (and no people!).

Beautiful Mt. Rainier

Great weather, but dead, brown grass.

Perfect blackberries

My cat's Halloween costume That I bought her yesterday. And if looks could kill...I'd be dead. 
Things I do to entertain myself.

My hair. Some of the hideous ash toner has washed out. My bangs are growing out, but still too short. Looking at this picture I can see why I got the senior (62+) discount at the movies last week. 
I'm only 56. :)


Dinnerland said...

Wow- STOP taking that Ambien now and if you need a different sleep med, go back to your doctor and tell him/ her what's going on. That is NOT a good sign (but it is NOT an uncommon side effect, in case you didn't know.)
I like your hair-- I wish I could pull off bangs like yours-- they are so pretty! But everyone says that they are not for me, and they would be too much trouble for me and I have too small of a forehead. Sigh.

Flush the Ambien!!

Sabrina said...

aah!! Love your cat costume. Too cute!

Beth said...

I have read that sleep-eating (without knowing it) can be a side effect of Ambien.

Dawn said...

Yea, kitty doesn't look happy. I think you look great btw, love the hair and you don't look 56 to me and definitely not a senior.

Ida said...

Ambian does have some wild side effects. At least all you did was eat...I've heard of people actually driving while on it. :O
I don't know why anyone would think you are over 60! You look great and not a day over 50, so there!!

zolpidem said...

Great stuff slept well felt more refreshed in the morning than I have in a long time. Had no residual effect. Tried it for two days.