Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another year older...another year better?

Today was my 56th birthday. I sort of felt like a wreck this morning. My injuries from my bike crash last weekend are still plaguing me. My wrist still hurts, my knee is still swollen and feels like a water balloon is attached to it, and to make things worse, I woke up with a sore throat and sneezing today. Happy birthday to me.

We had plans to head up to Mt. Rainier to hike at Sunrise. The cooler was packed with healthy food and the backpacks with hiking supplies. I was very disappointed to tell my husband it probably wasn't a good idea for me to go hiking because I felt like crap. Luckily, I'm married to a very understanding person and what could have been a really rotten birthday turned into a day of fun.

My husband brought me a dozen roses and a cute card with kittens that sang happy birthday with kitties meowing. I'm a cat person so it was very appropriate. He signed it "Love, from all of us!".

We sat around in our bathrobes until noon and then ate one of the healthy sandwiches I'd made for lunch. Flatout bread, hummus, spinach, chicken breast. Yummy!

Dessert was birthday cake of course. When my husband took it out of the box I was really surprised he'd picked out such a great cake. It had whip cream frosting with strawberries mixed into the frosting, and it was coated with white chocolate shavings around the outside edge. I was eager to take pictures, and was snapping away as he took it out of the box, making over what a pretty cake he'd chosen. He couldn't stop laughing, and I couldn't figure out why. Can you see what he thought was so hysterical?

I didn't even notice it said 65! I'm 56, NOT 65! Funny guy.

We decided to go see a movie we'd both had been dying to see and we both loved it! I love Westerns and I love Sci-fi. This was a perfect match! Oh, and now I'm in love with Daniel Craig. I hated him as 007, but he was great in this movie. Super sexy guy.

Then we decided to go for a walk down at the boardwalk at Redondo beach:

 Me...56 years old! (that's my BodyMedia on my left arm).

After walking around for a about an hour we were hungry, so we went here for dinner. Not my picture because I forgot to take one! From their website.

 My dinner...Crab and Shrimp Louie, and a glass of wine (yum..forgot how much I love wine). I only dipped my fork in the wonderful shrimp louie was to die for.

On the way back to the car and the sun has gone down.

So overall, it was a pretty great birthday. Being 56 really isn't so bad.


Dawn said...

Happy Birthday - it sounds like a wonderful day and WHAT a lovely thoughtful husband you have. Sorry to hear your injuries are still hurting - do you need to get them checked out ( nag nag!) I think you have much in life to be happy about - you are lucky! I hope being 56 brings you much happiness

Roxie said...

Happy Birthday! You don't even look 56 much less 65! (I spotted it right away!). I am sorry that you didn't make it hiking - but I am insanely jealous that you ate at Salty's. Lordy, do I love that place. It sounds like a lovely birthday. May you have many many more. Here's to a great year!

Helen said...

I think the day you had might have even been better than the one you planned! Happy Birthday!

Ida said...

I didn't realize our birthdays were so close together. (mine is the 15th) Sounds like an absolutely lovely day. 56 isn't a bad age. I think I made it through that one a bit unscathed. ;) I will soon be entering my last year in my 50's. I am going to try to make it the best one ever!! Happy Birthday! (late)

BrendaKaye said...

Happy Birthday!! May you have a wonderful year full of success, love, and happiness!

Carrieheff said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Elaine said...

Happy birthday!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Happy birthday, Diana! Crab Louie salad is a great way to do Salty's.

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