Sunday, August 14, 2011

BodyMedia weekly summary - I love this thing!

Just a quick evening update (2 posts in one day typed with on hand!).

This is my BodyMedia's "Performance Summary" for the last seven days. I can get a 7, 14, 21, or 28-day summary. Very cool.

Sleep isn't as bad as it looks because I didn't wear the BodyMedia one night. Too uncomfortable, and fighting with cast and the BodyMedia was too much! I'm getting use to it and sometimes I even forget I have it on (the BodyMedia, NOT the cast!)..

I love this part:

And this one (missed my average daily calories burned by 19 calories...not bad):

I love this one too!

You can see why I'm in love wiyh my BodyMedia. It's a super cool weight loss tool. There are other parts to the report. Every category is broken dow..

Well, my right hand is complaining so bed time!


Dawn said...

That data looks soooo useful and I'd love to try it. Its called Ki Fit in UK. I'm absolutely determined not to weigh...would it be worth using without weighing in?
I'd like to look into it.

Helen said...

Those are great reports. Hopefully they help you get where you want to be, cast and all!

Ida said...

Great reports, and you will get used to the cast soon. Probably about the time it comes off.

Grace said...

That is so cool. All that data makes my Body Bugg look like an antique. I would trade BB in for a Body Media, but I can just imagine the eye-roll I would get from my husband. :-)

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