Sunday, August 28, 2011

I love you BodyMedia! Today's weight 182.2

One month with my BodyMedia and down 12.8 pounds. It's a miracle! Of course, I take a lot of the credit because it's also a lot of hard work.

I was actually 199.4 on July 19 for my physical  (pre-cast). And I'm sure  the cast weighs a little something, right? Regardless, I'm thrilled if it's only 12.8 pounds. I've lost and regained this same weight so many times that you would think I wouldn't be so happy, but I'm thrilled!

With the BodyMedia I still have to track my food, which I have done without fail for 28 days. The user interface is very easy to use and fun.

Of all the things Ive tried in my life to lose weight, this one is my favorite. The technology behind it is a small miracle.

I don't know how many of you remember this post. It was a test I had done at Swedish Hospital in Seattle to determine my BMR (base metabolic rate, which was 1,900 calories - what I would burn with no activity at all)). Then they determined my Daily Expenditure rate as 2,280 calories daily (based on my sedentary job so tat was BMR times 1.2). This would be my calorie burn without exercise and just normal activity.

Amazingly, the BodyMedia almost exactly matches this number if I take a day off from exercising and walking. The number of calories burned on those days is usually right around 2,300.

If  I walk my 10,000 steps (minimum daily goal) and get in at least one hour of moderate exercise (I try for 90 minutes but that's hard!), then my daily calorie burn is up around 2,900 daily.

I think there might be a method to this madness!

PS - I finally caved at midnight and took Ambien, but no sleep walking or weird eating.

Now I'm heading out to pick blackberries and get in my 10,000 steps in the process. I had some fresh blackberries with breakfast and they were delicious (and free---gotta love free!).


Dawn said...

ist it fantastic when you really find what works for you. That elusive something that fits you like a glove and makes what can be impossible, possible.

yeees! for the BodyMedia


Roxie said...

That's awesome, Diana. I've very happy for you. I've often wondered how accurate the BMR are - and now I that at least someone in the Swedish Hospital has figured it out.

I figure I've trashed mine, as there is no way that I could eat the calories that most tests (non-medical) say I can.

Again, envying the blackberries!

Ron said...

Hey, Congrats on the losses! I probably ought to send you an email, I will be in Seattle sometime between September 6-12, not sure when yet, flying to San Francisco and driving up the west coast. I never plan to be anywhere at any certain time, but a cup of coffee somewhere would be cool.

Weight loss stories said...

You going on right way!
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Helen said...

For some reason your blog did not update in my reader so I came looking for you!

Congratulations on your weight loss! That is a big victory for you what with your cast and all. Besides, any number less than is a good number, right?

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