I really wanted to say something worthwhile, but it takes too many words

Just checking in, me and my one hand.

Weight today is 184.6. Woohoo! Much better than the 199.6 I saw at the doctors office 3 weeks ago, Followup visit with her Friday to review my lab work. Got the results in the mail last night. Looks like she had every possible test run on me. I don't even know what a lot of it means. Guess I'll find out Friday.

I'm off work for three weeks until the cast comes off. I made the decision last Friday and my doctor agreed. I can't type all day with one hand, with the other one up in the air (above my heart) so it doesn't swell. I tried last week and was miserable. I went home each day with major backaches from how I was sitting. Being home with this cast isn't fun so don't envy me.  I have over 700 hours of sick leave so I'll be getting paid.

Although I do have an event to attend today. It's my best friend's 35 years with our company celebration today. An Argosy cruise around Puget Sound. It's catered and I ordered the wild salmon. Pictures tomorrow.

That's all for now. Have to get ready and pick up my girlfriend in about an hour and then the company has a chartered bus taking us downtown. Gorgeous weather here so should be fun.


Anonymous said…
I am so envious of your Puget Sound cruise. I did one of those (a short one) when I was there in the spring - it was awesome.

I'm glad you aren't having to struggle with work for the next couple of weeks. What fun and self-caring stuff are you going to do on your paid time-off?

Blogger still hating on me - Roxie here
spunkysuzi said…
Sounds like a good plan :) Have fun!
Mer and Mo said…
Wow - I want that kind of job, where you celebrate someone being with a company - wow!! And during the workday, too - LOL - enjoy every moment, even with the cast!!

Staying MOtivated MO
Ida said…
Well, I can't say I envy you. But since you hve no choice, make the most of it. Congrats on your weight loss.
bbubblyb said…
In spite of the cast hope you have a good few weeks home :)
Grace said…
Hope your cruise was fun...but it's so windy right now! I hope you didn't get seasick! (I would have)
Another good weigh in. Congrats.
Dawn said…
Great weigh in and I think being off is sensible.
I'm sure you will find ways to enjoy the time off and use it well despite the cast on! I hope its a good time for you

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