Saturday, August 20, 2011

I spent the night with Elvis

Okay, so it wasn't the whole night, only about ninety minutes. It wasn't the real Elvis, but this guy, Elvis impersonator Steve Sogura (who was incredibly and surprisingly good):

It was our 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday. We usually try to do something different or special on our anniversary because it is a special day (Lord only knows how we made it this far).

Since I can't travel (my flight benefits are suspended - which is fine), my husband wanted to go to the Muckleshoot Casino for their all-you-can-eat seafood buffet. Personally, I'd almost rather have my eyes poked out with a sharp stick.

a.) I hate casinos. The noise, the smoking, and watching people that you know can't afford it throwing away good money is all almost more than I can stand. I'm not a gambler and personally, I just do not understand the entertainment value. I've tried it a few times and thought it was boring and a waste of money (obviously Ive never won anything substantial).

b.) All-you-can-eat seafood buffet. Need I say more?

In an effort to be more fun, I agreed to go. A few weeks ago my husband told me that my constant diet and exercise really has had a negative impact on our lives all these years, and he was tired of it (not of me, I guess--just my relationship with food and how I often don't want to do food related activities). He doesn't get it.

I could write a very long post on the previous paragraph but since I only have one good hand, I'll spare you for now.

My review of the Muckleshoot Casino food -  yuk! Bad food. I didn't know it was peel your own shrimp and crack your own crab. With only one hand that is almost impossible. My husband offered to do it for me but I didn't like the shrimp (mushy and tasted funny) and the crab was super salty so after one bite I was done with the crab.

My dinner was Northwest salmon (wild Alaskan Chinook is better), smoked salmon (too salty), a few shrimp, a big pile of perfectly steamed broccoli, and cantaloupe and honeydew melon for dessert.

In spite of the food not quite being what we expected, we had a really good time. We decided to go to the free show, the Elvis impersonator, Steve Sogura (from Ravensdale, WA). It sounded a little cheesy and I didn't expect much. I was shocked at how much he sounded, looked and moved like a young Elvis. Especially the voice. He had it down perfectly. My husband, a rather harsh critic, loved the show. I'd highly recommend it (skip the buffet).

Weight this morning, a new low (well, at least this time around): 183.4.

By the way, you'll notice no pictures of me for a while. I had a hair catastrophe earlier this week. A bang trim that butchered my bangs. Almost an inch and a half above my eyebrows, and ash blond on my golden blond hair. I have an appointment to get the color fixed (with my regular color person). The bangs, well, I guess they'll grow. Long story on what happened. Anyway, I'm camera shy right now.

Funny thing, two days after my bad hair experince, Jen, Prior Fat Girl, wrote this post with the video, " I Am Not My Hair" by India Arie. Made me smile.


Anonymous said...

(((diane))) o, sweet one! not your hair! :( i still recall your kindness and empathy when i had a similar disaster with my hair. also i'm so sorry to hear about your arm/cast/suffering. i really DO understand. and i understand about the pain in the butt that results from having to peck peck peck out posts with one hand. EEEEK. almost drove me nuts. (major surgery on both hands, one after the other...that's when i mostly stopped using capital letters and i let my spelling go to h-e-double toothpicks, LOL.) :) hang in there kid! glad to hear you had a fun night out. you'll get through all this and before you know it you might even have some funny stories to tell. thinking good thoughts for you and sending them your way. hugs.

Roxie said...

Oh, I am so sorry about your hair disaster. Luckily, it is fixable - given time and money. I look forward to more portraits when it returns to it's normal state of gorgeous.

Glad you were able to make the best of casino night - I'm with you on the gambling portion of it - there's nothing much fun about it to me, either.

Happy Anniversary!

Dawn said...

Oh no - you really have been through a set of bad luck events recently. I totally get how bad a bad hair cut feels. Been there!
I'm glad you had a good night despite the dodgy food. I'm really interested in your point about your husband being affected about your relationship with food....I hope you do explore that in another post. I'm sure MY relationship with food has affected family and friends too. Mum is eating or she isn't. Dawn will go out for meals to celebrate with you, or she won't. I feel my relationship with food MUST have affected those I love and although they have never directly told me, I know it has. I feel this has to be a last time for the big, I mean really big weight swings. I have to learn maintenance...I have to
Thanks for making me think

Grace said...

I have to be very careful about expressing "out loud" my on-going thoughts and feelings about food. My husband is very vigilant to any outward sign of my disordered eating. I've gotten pretty good at projecting "normal" so that he doesn't get upset with me. So I understand where your husband is coming from. Not that I agree, just that I understand. :-)

Don't worry about your hair, I'm sure it looks better than you think it does. You are too hard on yourself. And the good thing will grow out. That's what I always tell my hairdresser..."Woodroe, don't worry about it, it's just hair, no matter what you do, it will grow out." I think that helps him to do a better, more creative job, because he's not under stress when he cuts it.

Congrats on the wedding anniversary. 23 is great!

(I noticed that "Cityklan" is leaving non-sensical comments on lots of blogs. How do these spammers get hold of people's blog addresses?)

Rettakat said...

I'm glad your night out together ended up being a good one. I was thinking, when I read what your husband said about how he was "tired of it", how that must have stung. I've had similar things said, and it hurt. So, I think that was a loving thing for you to do, to go to the casino even though it wouldn't have been YOUR first choice.

And thank you for sharing the link to the video "I Am Not My Hair". I hadn't heard it before, and wasn't expecting much. Wrong! It got to me. All my life, very few people have had the ability to look past this body, and see the real ME. I am not this body! I am ME, the soul INside this body. Loved the song. :-)

Happy Anniversary.

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