Friday, August 26, 2011

It's almost noon and I have done....nothing

It's kind of killing me that I have all this free time, but because of my broken wrist and this cast, I can't do anything too physical or active.

It's almost noon and all I've done is have a healthy breakfast. It takes forever to prepare because I've added lots of vegetables my meals these days. Although I'm not doing Weight Watchers anymore (BodyMedia and counting calories instead), I still trying to get in 5-7 fruits/veggies a day and my healthy oil.

As with many things in my life, I think I may be addicted to Netflix streaming video. We've had Netflix forever but I've never watched much of the instant stuff. Of all the things on there to watch I chose probably the dumbest series ever made, but I love it.

I'd never heard of the ABC show, Make It or Break It. You probably never have either because it's geared towards teenage girls with an interest in gymnastics, with a touch of Mean Girls. Obviously, I'm none of those things, so it's really puzzling to even me why I like this show so much.

On the agenda for today:

1. Go for a walk at Dash Point Park, about a 10-minute drive. I can't stand to do my usual trail or neighborhood walk today. It's boring me to death.

2. See a matinee showing of The Help.

3. Pick a few blackberries to have for an evening snack.

4. Buy the ingredients for homemade hummus (Angela's recipe, but make it tomorrow).

5. Stop at the neighborhood produce store for some more white peaches. Almost twice the calories of a regular peach, but twice the flavor.

Another exciting and fun-packed day.


Helen said...

If it weren't for the wrist, you'd really be enjoying this time off you know. But it sounds like you've got some fun things planned. I loved The Help and will be surprised if there are not several award nominations out of that movie!

Roxie said...

I love Netflix. I just finished watching the entire Doc Martin series and am looking to my next series.

I need shows in shorter durations than movies.

I envy your blackberries - but not the briars :-)