Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making lemonade...with a broken wrist?

I bet you thought I was going to say "making lemonade with lemons". My last few post have been trite sayings, albeit true. Especially the "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger".

I'll be the first to admit I was a big baby yesterday. I was an emotional wreck. Going in for what I thought was nothing more than an x-ray that I was sure would prove nothing was wrong with me and the pain was totally imaginary, and then walking out with a full knuckles to shoulder cast was devastating. Add in the time of three months minimum in the cast and possible surgery, well, I guess I was in a state of shock. All I could do was cry.

My first thought was my upper body weight lifting. I couldn't lift weghts for three months. That was like the end of my world as I knew it. Yes, I know. BIG BABY.

Then there was all the stuff I couldn't do for myself. Open jars, do my hair, fasten my bra, carry more than one item at a time (like breakfast AND a cup of coffee). Let's not forget my job. I'm a software developer (among other things). It's hard enough to code and type with two hands. Try it with one hand. The list of what I couldn't do was endless.

Of course, top of the list of what I thought I couldn't do was weight loss. My illogical thinking was, great, now I'm physically challenged. I can't exercise. I'll for sure want to eat ALL the time, and of course, lots of bad foods (and don't tell me there aren't any 'bad foods", because in my world there are such things). With no exercise, and eating like a pig I'll definitely balloon up to 300 pounds in no time. I'm doomed! Life as I knew it is over!

That was yesterday. Today was a hell of a LOT better.

I'm not saying any of this is easy, because everything is a  lot harder with only one hand. But it's not impossible. Except making a decent looking ponytail. I haven't figured out that trick yet. I just have to focus on being creative in figuring how to do simple tasks with only one hand when two would be much better.

I'm off to bed now, Very tired.


Grace said...

Hi Diana, I'm just catching up...I'm so sorry about your wrist! (Tsk tsk...you are a very BAD GIRL to wait so long to see the doctor!)

I have no advice for working out except, obviously you can still do lower body workouts. In the meantime, let your wrist heal. Take advantage, and let your husband do all the cooking! Maybe this will help you to relax from the stress of your work...since you can't type, you HAVE to either take some time off, or do some other things at work that are different and maybe more fun.

I love that you chose a pink cast! :-)

Carrieheff said...

Think about it this way, if you can lose weight with one arm in a cast, think about what you can do when you get the use of that arm back! 3 months is nothing!

Mer and Mo said...

Yes - today is a new day and a whole lot better!!! You are on the mend and that is really what is important. Smile, relax and let your wrist heal - you will be back full force before you know it!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Lisa said...

Glad things are looking up. You are a STRONG woman and you can get through anything! :)

spunkysuzi said...

:) my husband has been putting my hair into ponytails for 5 weeks!!

It's not easy doing things with only one hand but it does get easier :) Well except for typing with one hand, that's always exhausting.

Ida said...

I broke my my RIGHT arm, and that was the PITS. I hated the knuckles to shoulder cast, and I didn't even get a pretty pink one! But I learned to cope. Type one handed. And used the mouse left handed! Filled out orders left handed...and not too bad, by the way. I could do everything except sign checks and papers. I am glad I had an assistant (and a husband) for that. But I sure was glad when it came off.

Anonymous said...

It seems that you broke your wrist very bad.Did you take the cast off?Hope you feel better and dont have any pain.

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