Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Senior Monday

I had an argument with my husband yesterday. It was about dishes. Enough said.

I decided to go see a movie alone. Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Great movie. I discovered Glaceau Vitaminwater Zero Naturally Sweetened Water Beverage Lemonade (with Stevia). Delicious poured over a cup of ice.

As I was standing in line, waiting to buy my ticket, I noticed the sign said Senior Monday, $6.00. Age 62 and up. Six more years and I'll be a senior. Just think of all the money I can save.

Then it was my turn. I stepped up to the counter and ask for one adult ticket. The young man, about 18, asked "Senior?". I said "yes". I don't know why I did that, but he said okay, took my $6 and gave me a ticket.

I told him "I'm only 56!" He said "too late, I already rung it up." Gee, thanks a lot. As if I didn't already feel lousy, now I can pass for 62 years old.


Roxie said...

Don't take it personally, Diana. Think back to when we were in high school - can you remember how "ancient" our teachers seemed? Same thing with this kid. They have no concept of age.

Dawn said...

Yea, my kids are already calling me senior at 44 lol. Our cat Sassy is 7 and at the vets it says she's a senior now (47 in human years), hmmmm lol. I say take the perks when you can get them :) Glad you enjoyed the movie and the water. I'm so excited I can post again :)

Helen said...

What Roxie said. I distinctly remember thinking my parents friends were so old - most of them were late 30s-mid 40s!

Rettakat said...

I can clearly remember thinking, when I was in my early 20's, that 40 was sooo old!! And I was absolutely inDIGnant the first time some little boxboy at the grocery store called me "maam" rather than "miss"!! Harumph!!

But guess what?? I really, truly don't feel 60 inside today. The real me, inside, feels alive and youthful and full of spunk and creativity, dreams and hopes! Awww... what do these kidlets know, anyway. We are like fine wine, truly... better and fully Ripe with age, LOL!

Hugs for you, Diana! Embrace where you are, and be PROUD of yourself... you've had an amazing journey, with lots of ups and downs, yet here you are, still going strong! Good for you... every last year of you. :-D

Ancient of Days in Oregon, mwa ha ha ha ha

Dawn said...

Oh to kids we are ANCIENT ....its US that knows we are the same inside as we were in out twenties. On holiday I got seriously bumped into by a big running young man chasing a football and i was hit to the floor ( I was fine!) and my lovely 14 year old said....If you were any older you could have been seriously injured.....AND I believe that was meant to cheer me up.
Old Chinese Proverb ...Do the best you can with what you have where you are. You have lost so much and look so much healthier and happier on it, just keep on going....you are such an inspiration to me