Thursday, August 25, 2011

A time to heal

Even though I'm pretty sure I'm a borderline hoarder, perhaps even a full-blown one when it comes to closets, I decided the closet cleaning can wait until my wrist has healed. It was a stupid idea.

I didn't use my left hand the last two days while moving stuff, yet my left wrist was aching terribly by this afternoon. It has me concerned.

Before I decided to stop the madness, I managed to drag two big bags of clothes, ten purses (why do I keep things I don't like?), and even a belly dancing kit (a Xmas gift, the box not even opened), among many other treasures.

I shoved the rest of my junk valuables back into the closet. I'm done for now.

Back to just my walks and moderate one-armed gym workouts. This is not the time for me to do's a time to heal.

Weight this morning was 183.4.


spunkysuzi said...

I found that just letting myself heal the hardest thing about recovering!

Grace said...

I totally agree with taxing chores for you!

The reason your wrist is aching is maybe you used it more than you realize. Even just to balance yourself, you may have had the arm in the air, or in an awkward position. Let it rest, and if it's not less achy in a day or two, go back to the doctor to have it checked.

Ida said...

I agree with spunkiysuzi, taking time to heal is hard. I am struggling to give my knee time to heal. Growing old is not for wimps!