Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday's Words

After two really bad Ambien night's where I ate stuff I didn't remember eating, and even "dreamed" I drove my car in the middle of the night, lost and scared (pretty sure I didn't but scared the crap out of me anyway), last night I went cold turkey. No Ambien or OTC sleep aid. It was a miserable night.

I have trouble sleeping anyway but throw in a full arm cast almost to my shoulder, and it was a night from hell. I finally went to sleep around 2 a.m. (no weird eating last night), and got up at 8 a.m. feeling and looking like death.

Add in that my back is killing me from blackberry picking yesterday, and I'm not a happy girl today. Tired and feeling older than dirt.

Yesterday I managed a full hour of cardio yesterday at the gym, bike, crossramp and even 11 minutes on the StairMaster (which was pure torture). I did a few bicep and tricep exercises for my right arm, but I always feel  of kind of silly weight lifting with just my right arm, with my left arm in a bright pink cast, moving it up and down the best I can to keep in sync with my good arm. I imagine people think I'm nuts.

My agenda for today, nothing but chores:

1. Gym, of course.

2. Pick up the  Dyson vacuum at the repair shop. Only took them four days to fix it and $79. We've had it over 5 years. Love my Dyson.

3. Stop at Safeway and buy Coffee-mate Natural Bliss Caramel. Prior Fat Girl, Jen, had a link to a dollar off coupon. I normally drink coffee black. Not sure if this is a good way to use 35 calories, but thought I'd try it.

4. Library - 2 of Joy Bauer's books I had on hold are ready for pickup.

5. Wash and freeze the 16 cups of blackberries I picked yesterday - great for green monster smoothies.

6. Plant pansies I bought at Farmers Market  2 week's ago. One-handed gardening doesn't sound fun, but only 6 plants. For a planter that didn't get watered and everything died.

7. Pick more blackberries--?? Not sure if I want to do this or if my aching back will hold up.

8. Vacuum living room since I didn't vacuum last weekend (broken Dyson). Darn hardwood floors, the dust bunnies are taking over. I had pulled out our almost new Kenmore from pre-Dyson days, but just never got around to it.

9. Go to bed early!

Actually, I want to crawl back in to bed right now. So tired and achy, but I have to get moving. It's noon, and I'm not even dressed. I wonder if this is what getting old feels like.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the insomnia and back issues. Getting old is a tightrope walk sometimes, for sure, but you'll find your balance again. Rest and baby your back a bit. The black berries sound yummy. Mine are coming on nicely, if I can keep the dang morning glory from taking them over. As for the sleep issue...god, I hear you. It is a big challenge, and often involves rotating different kinds of solutions and SMALL doses of meds (maybe one of the others could help). Sometimes nothing seems to help. *sigh* Wish we could get together for a cup of herbal tea and a fun board game when we're both sleepless at 2 am! Take care dear.

Megan S @ Gourmet or Go Home said...

Been reading you for years (literally) not sure if I've ever commented, just wanted to chime in and say that I'm always surprised when you mention your age or looking old, because every time we see a photo of you my first thought is that you look way younger than you say you are! I know you're notoriously hard on yourself but seriously, you're one hot fifty something.
Back to lurking...

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Diana, me again, i just want to clarify my post, which you graciously commented on. i did not mean to imply that the "dieting mentality" is unhealthy or inappropriate for other people. it just does not work with my own consciousness, maybe partly because of my extreme ADHD stuff. also, i ADMIRE you tremendously and wish i could accomplish even a small fraction of what you achieve and are able to do. i would be a mess if i had your kind of job, and would probably want to eat myself silly every night (not to mention go ballistic). so. maybe your approach to diet and exercise is exactly appropriate and healthy for YOU. see? i love to come visit here and sometimes comment about stuff we have in common, i just can't let myself get involved with diet talk. it's not good for ME. and i was referring in my post to a comment i had left on a different blog, a comment specifically ABOUT DIETING. that's what i was feeling bad and icky about. i was going into a mental territory that's not helpful for me, but i like that blogger. and i like you VERY MUCH. so. please forgive me for being insensitive with my wording--it could easily be read (interpreted) as a put-down or demeaning opinion about dieting and the dieting mindset in general. i'm so sorry if it felt that way to you. again, i think you are amazing. <3 XOXOXO