Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am exhausted

This has been a hard week, even though I Wednesday was my first day back at work. Sleep has been elusive. I can fall asleep, but wake up at 1:00 am, or earlier if I go to bed earlier. Then toss and turn until it's time to get up. It's killing me.

The sleep doctor I saw yesterday, who was wonderful, said my tonsils are huge, and my mouth is too small. Isn't that funny, the fat girl has a tiny mouth?

He wants to do a sleep study, which I dread, but he said he's almost positive I need to have my tonsils removed. He emphasized the surgery is minor, a fifteen-minute procedure, but the pain afterwards is pretty serious. He said I'd lose weight. I told him to sign me up now. Sounds like fun weigh-loss surgery.

I've actually known I've needed a tonsillectomy for years. Every doctor that has ever looked in my mouth and made me say "ahhhhh" has commented on my huge tonsils. I just never connected it to waking me up during the night. The problem is the breathing. Because "of my age" (sick of hearing that by the way), he said the muscles aren't as taunt as the use to be, then with the tonsils and my small mouth, it's causing me to stop breathing.

Thankfully he said a CPAP machine wouldn't help. That's a good thing because I had no intention of getting one.

As soon as my wrist heals, I'll do the sleep study, and then my tonsils removed. At 56. If it'll help me sleep, I'll do it. Right now I'd just about sell my soul to the devil for a good night's sleep.


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Ron said...

Hope you get some sleep soon

Dawn said...

I have a similar issue with the sleeping but don't think for the same reasons. Glad you have a plan for yours :) hope it turns out good.

"KT" said...

Eeee good luck with the sleep study! My husband had one for apnea and he said it was pretty much fine- it's not your own bed of course but if leads to some help it's worth it right? :)

Dawn said...

Diana - its scary how like my life your blog is ( Never met anyone other than my daughter who broke a scafoid) and I've never met another adult who had their tonsils out - other than me! I had mine out about 8 yrs ago due to frequent severe tonsilitis. The surgeon warned me the pain would be high for 7-10 days post surgery. I accepted it had to happen and truthfully the doctor wasn't joking - it was painful and I was off work those days but with well managed pain relief if was ok and then at the 10 day point it was absolutely fine. The doctor was realistic with me about the discomfort but it WAS manageable and I never regretted having it done because the infections HAD been more severe, Go for it, it isn't THAT bad and the benefits far outweigh the discomfort
Poor you - through the mill a bit at the moment xxx