Sunday, September 18, 2011

Knocked down and out

I'm finally feeling human after a really bad bout of either a stomach bug or something I ate.

I haven't been that ill since I drank rum and cokes at college party, and never touched them again. It makes me gag to even think about it, and it was over forty years ago.

It hit me suddenly at 11 a.m., starting with the room spinning out of control and me throwing up almost non-stop for three hours. Which was really awful because the only thing in my stomach was a nectarine. I drank water just to avoid the dry heaves, which just about killed me.

I even thought about having my husband take me to the emergency room, but I couldn't stand the thought of getting in a car or sitting in the ER for hours.

That was an awful experience. It seems like lately it's always something with me. Broken wrist,sleep issues, and now a stomach thing. For someone that tries to be healthy, I'm sure sick a lot. I'm getting kind of tired of it.


Miz said...

HUGS AND HOPE youre feeling better this morning.


Shrink to Fit said...

Hope you feel better this week :)

Dawn said...

Glad you're feeling better. Sorry you've had so many things going on, I feel in the same boat. Hopefully thing will improve for both of us. I think the sleep thing is a big issue since without good sleep it just wears the body down which brings on other things I think.

Carrieheff said...

Aww I hope you stop getting sick and/or broken! You deserve to be healthy for a while!