Saturday, September 3, 2011

Modifying my goals

Just returned from the gym (45 minutes cardio, 40 minutes right-handed weights). I'm sitting here hooked up to my vacuum cleaner with my CastCooler. Greatest invention ever! Sucks the sweat out of my cast in about 15 minutes. Also worked when I didn't get the cast cover pulled up all the way and the shower shot full blast down the inside of my cast. Nothing like feeling a puddle of water on my fingers inside the water-proof cast cover. The CastCooler was worth every penny.

New weight loss plan
I originally set up my BodyMedia  for Very Active, 60 minutes of moderate exercise and 30 minutes of vigorous (like jogging or StairMaster). Burn 2900 calories a day, eat 1900. This was before my broken wrist and cast. It was difficult to attain, but doable.

With the cast, it takes a herculean effort to make these goals. I've made it a couple of times, but I've failed many more times. Failure to meet a specified goal is damaging to my spirit.

I customized my goals today and this sounds much easier, but still challenging:

I have to face the reality of having a cast. Vigorous activity isn't advisable. I can still do the StairMaster and elliptical, but I just have to go a little slower. A heart rate of 140+ shouldn't happen. It's really hard for me to accept this, but it's just the way it has to be for now. I feel a little bad for myself (and stupid) that it took me almost 4 weeks to figure this out. Guess I'm a little stubborn.

No real plans for the rest of today. Just take it easy and enjoy the incredible weather we're having here in the Northwest. Sunshine and 78 degrees.

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